What was Matt Groening's inspiration for the character Homer Simpson?

I know that Homer was named after Groening's father, but where did the idea of him working at a nuclear power plant come from?


pibe- couldn't you just tell me? i don't really want to go out and buy a book. i'm just asking this cause my dad wanted to know and he's on a sub and can't find out for himself.

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    Much of the Simpsons is based on events from Groenings life (and Simpson writers lives) or is related to Groening's hometown of Portland Oregon.

    It probably just seemed funny that Homer have the job that he does.

  • pibe
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    Buy the book "A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family" and you'll know everything you want to know.

  • maybe if you searched around a bit maybe ull get the answer

    ill try looking..

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