How is the confederate flag racist? doesnt it represent heritage not hate?

were not allowed to wear anything with the confederate flag on it in school anymore and you can get in trouble for harrassment if you wear it in public. however, i think people have corrupted the meaning of the flag, i dont believe it stands for racism, i believe it stands for pride of the south. what do you think?

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    There are so many people posting here who really need to study the true history of the time period of the War for Southern Independence, including those who claim to know it.

    The war was about the same thing that the Revolutionary War was about--the right of self-government. The Confederate States Constitution was almost identical to the U.S. Constitution with a few minor changes. One of the changes was the abolition of the slave trade. Slavery, too, would have died out over time.

    If the South wanted to keep slavery alive, the most logical thing for them to have done would have been to stay in the Union. Lincoln promised to leave slavery alone, and made that clear both in his overtures to sign a Constitutional amendment to that effect, as well as comments made in his inaugural address. It is both ridiculous and grossly historically inaccurate to suggest that the South fought to preserve slavery, or that the North fought to end it.

    When asked if he was fighting to end slavery, General Grant made it clear that he was not. He said that, if he thought that was the cause of the war, he would resign and join the other side. Of course, he didn't free his slaves until well after the war. The Emancipation Proclamation didn't free any slaves. Lincoln was careful not to free any slaves in any area where the Union had control. That included the border States (Maryland, Delaware, etc.), and the areas of States where the Union army was occupying (parts of LA, Kentucky, western Virginia--which would become West Virginia, etc.). It was only a war measure, and Lincoln made that pretty clear.

    The Confederate battle flag is uniquely Southern, and does indeed represent Southern pride, as well as the resistance to tyranny. No one can, through misinformation and bad education, change that fact.

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    When I was in school, there was a dress code. And today, there should also be one. In those days, we could not have our hair over our brow, must have our shirt tails tucked, must wear a belt, and if you wore sandals, you had to wear socks. I presume that today things have become more lax. Americans have to be careful not to step on other's feet, say something wrong, or cause mental stress and anxiety to others and this is where "political correctness" has gone too far. Unfortunately, it's those people that ruined what was once a general liberty - freedom to express yourself. How someone views the Confederate Battle Flag is dependent on their non-prejudiced education. A prejudice is an implicitly held belief, often about a group of people. Prejudice subjects include race, economic class, gender or sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, obesity, age, religion, etc. It is sometimes used to characterize beliefs about other things as well, including "any unreasonable attitude that is unusually resistant to rational influence. Whether I talk and tell the real truth and provide solid evidence to you (like slavery was not the major issue of the Southern States since only about 3% of the South owned a slave) and whether or not I convince you that what I've said it right, you still may hold your prejudices. Yes, you are right about the corruption of this historical flag. There has not been one country or state that didn't have a battle flag, whether of special design or not. And each nation that carried their flag to a war or conflict was proud, mainly because they believed in what they were doing and what that flag meant to them, like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Confederate Battle Flag is not an icon for racism or hate. It represents the Southern pride and the historical steps Southerners took to preserve their State's rights, their economic strength, and political values. The Southern States did not invade Northern States. It was quite the opposite. To become less prejudiced, you must learn more. Read the real truth. Remember that "to the victor, the spoils". This means that the history you read today was not written by the Southern States and the Southern history about the War Between the States was never included. What you read today is one-sided.

    Source(s): Sons of Confederate Veterans Military Order of the Stars and Bars
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    The most important things to remember about the Confederate Battle flag is, it is a symbol of Nationality,race,nationhood,true Representative Republic a form of democracy newly constructed by the founding fathers.Principled in the equality of Constitutional protections of the rights of all people under it jurisdiction.The third National flag of the Confederacy has the symbol in it's canton,the third National flag of the Confederacy is a flag of National recognition.It is with false reasoning that the flag is attached to hate and racism,but none the less the ends are trying to justify the means.The real reason the Battle flag is under attack is because Americas true heritage,it's form of governance,was lost to socialist agenda in April 1865,at Appomattox.


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    Personally i think of it as heritage....but not eveyone does. I think it is good to remeber the past so it does not repeat itself in the future but at the same time i know that alot of people who support the confederate flag are doing it for the wrong reasons i believe everyone should be proud of who they are and where they came from. It shouldn't be a hate issue. It should just be considered a symbol of the south's bravery during the civil war, and yes i know they were going to war for completely wrong reasons but no one can deny they were very brave men. Some of them were black so for this reason i think it represents heritage......even though not everyone sees it that way.

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    I Watched the Dukes of Hazard the other day, and Duke Boys helped out a Black Man.

    They have a confederate flag on their car!

    Glad I could clear this up for you, Have a good day,

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    The Confederate flag was the state flag of Alabama and it was the banner the south fought under in the civil war. While it does not necessarily stand for racism it did represent those who wanted to keep slavery as their main resource in the south. Will you consider the feelings of those long dead who suffered under its banner? Now ask yourself does slavery not represent racism and evil? Don't hide your head in the sand young lady, use your computer for other things beside emailing. There is a lot of information out there to be found on this subject.

  • You are correct, the flag does not represent racism, but the choice of the southerners to rebel and fight against authority.

    Some big shot suits have instilled into everyone's mind that because racism was part of the southerners way of life, that every symbol they had automatically represented it, that is of course not true.

    Source(s): Proud White Male, 18 Speaker of the Truth Surpassed the One-Drop Rule
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    People in general corrupted it. Let's not start the finger pointing.

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    White people are commonly ostracized for being proud of their heritage. Any time they try to say they're proud, they are labeled a racist. That, in itself, is racism. Wave it high where you can, but be careful. People are ignorant.

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    I understand your gripe. Most people who wave it are southerners who are proud to be southern. But one of the biggest boasts of the south at the time this flag was made was slavery. Therefore, it has a racists stigma.

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