What is the best way to go about refinancing my home?

My husband and I bought a home three years ago, but it is in his fathers name so I guess technically he bought it for us. We now want to refinance and put the home in our name, but don't have the best credit. His dad is willing to co-sign for us to get the loan in our name, but is this something that we can even do? How is the best way to go about this and through what type of financial institution would be best (bank, mortgage company or what)?

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    Your FIL bought the house... not you..

    You are going to have to buy the house from HIM... otherwise you will have to pay Gift taxes on anything over 12000 in value...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your question is what is the BEST way,This will be your best answer.

    You and your husband,with his father go to the currant leander and work with them,they know him best. If the lender is not local.have your father in law call them and advise them what he wants to do.This should work.Good luck


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