Y&R... I have questions?

I have watched this show since 1978. I quit watching a few years ago- and started watching again in October of last year. I have pieced together alot of the story line (ALOT can happen in 3 years!) but there are a few things that I cannot figure out.

1- Sabrina- how did her and Victor meet? What is so special about her?

2- How did Adam come back into the picture? Was it after Hope died?

3- How did Phyllis and Nick hook up?

4- Why was Mrs C in the car with Marge- was she really drinking?

5- What is the past with Phillip and Cane?

and for the bonus question... who do you think Mary Jane Benson is?

:o) thanks to all that reply~

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    1. She was Victoria's best friend. She and Victor fell in love. Victoria was angry. Sabrina's mom was like a prostitute, she was proud of her daughter finally marrying a rich man. But Sabrina said she isn't marrying Victor for his money. But Victoria didn't believe her. Victoria was treating Sabrina so badly. Sabrina got pregnant by Victor.

    Nikki married David... David drugged Nikki, but unsuccessfully kidnap her.... Paul saved Nikki. David, a gambler, was in the car with Sabrina. Then Car got hit by a bad man, they both died, including unborn baby. Victor resent Victoria and angry with Nikki's poor decision. Victor went to Mexico and found the bad man, and in the boat accident... people thought Victor killed the bad man. But he was innocent. Victor was depressed, went to Paris... Ashley brought Victor back home to Genoa City.

    2. Victor gave Adam a job, promised Hope he will look after Adam.

    3. Sharon was trying to make the marriage work, after losing Cassie or miscarriage... Nick couldn't handle it. So he had sex with Phyllis, cheating on Sharon. Phyllis got pregnant, so Nick and Phyllis got married.

    4. Mrs. C wanted Marge to be at a rehab.... Mrs. C was planning to hide from Jill and Nikki who were trying to take Mrs. C to see a doctor about her memory loss. So she was driving Marge to the rehab, but BAM, hit a pole... lost control of the car. The Rehab called Jill and Nikki and told them that Mrs C failed to show up at the alcohol rehab.

    Jill and Nikki went out and looked for Mrs. C and found the car and dead Marge (they thought it was Mrs. C). Mrs. C survived and wandered around and Murphy spotted her and took her to his trailer. He thought she was Marge.

    5. Mrs. C switched Jill's baby.... I don't know why. Cane ended up in Australia and Phillip's real parents are unknown.

    Mary Jane Benson may be Patty William or Mary Jo Mason.


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    1. Sabrina was an old friend of Victoria's.

    2. When Hope was ill Victor went to the farm and Adam came to see his dying mother. It was then that Hope told him Victoe was his real dad. He initially didn't want anything to do with him but shortly thereafter he came to Genoa City.

    3. I think Phyllis & Nick got together after Daniel was cleared of wrongdoing in Cassie's death.

    4. Mrs C was taking Marge to some facility so that she could dry out. Some years before Marge had saved her life after Clint kidnapped Mrs C and was using Marge as her double.

    5. Seems Mrs C switched baby's back in the day and buried it in her subconcious. Then she started having dreams where a baby was crying. One thing led to another and it turns out Cane is the real Phillip. However, I think there is a lot more to this story and I think it is going to come out in the near future. There is more to Cane than meets the eye.

    Bonus: My guess is that the mystery woman is PATTI WILLIAMS

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    Victoria went to paris, and sabrina came back to Genoa City with her, where victoria introduced her to victor, and victor having an art gallery sabrina became very infatuated with victors peices.

    Victor went to see hope while she was on her death bed, and she told him to take care of adam and watch over him after she passes, which he promised her he would.

    Phyllis slept with nick while he was still with sharon and she ended up knocked up which is how summer has come to be.

    Iam not sure what the past is with phillip and cane but this big secret cane is hidding form lilly has something to do with it! I cant wait for it to come out in the open what ever it is!

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    to #1 she was a friend of victorias,

    2 adam was trying to get to know his father victor better but i guess he was out to get him for what he has done to his mother hope.

    3 nick had an affair with phyllis while still married to wife sharon.

    4 no she was taking marge to aa to get her help.


    mary jane benson??? I think it's brad carlton who had a sex change!!!

    Source(s): like you i've watched Y & R since characters luke,snapper,mr brooks,mrs foster and others
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    1.Victor met his daughter's best friend, Sabrina, when she came to town and he hired her as an art curator for his collection. He fell in love and married her, and they conceived a child. Unfortunately, Nikki's new husband David brought the mob into their lives, and Sabrina accepted a ride with David one fateful night and wound up dead. Victor fled to Mexico in search of the mobster that was responsible for the car wreck and has now gone into hiding from his family

    Victor Jr., known as Adam, was raised by Hope and Cliff Wilson (whom he believed to be his father) on the farm in Kansas. He never knew he was the natural son of Victor Newman until this year when Hope passed away from terminal cancer. On her deathbed she told Victor Jr. the truth about his paternity with Victor Sr. present. She urged him to get to know his real father, and Victor offered him a job at Newman Enterprises. He also offered to buy Hope's farm for Victor Jr. in order to keep it in the family. Victor Jr. decided to leave his job in New York City and come work for his newfound father at Newman Enterprises.

    Adam Wilson, as he is known in Genoa City, became a success at Newman Enterprises, but when Victor was presumed dead in Mexico, Adam tried to take over the company and fired Neil and Victoria in the process. Victor came back, disowned Adam for his actions and kicked him off the Ranch.. In jail, Adam began losing his sight, so Victor sprung him to come and live at the Ranch with an ankle bracelet. Adam and Heather have just started to see one another again, but he may be using her, and faking blindness, in an effort to escape his incarceration!

    3.Nick was devastated when cassie died and became withdrawn from Sharon and obsessed with making Daniel pay for Cassie's mistake. In the end, Nick came forward with evidence that proved that Daniel was innocent. With his marriage on the rocks, Nick began a passionate affair with Daniel's mother Phyllis Abbott. Soon Nick and Sharon separated, then found their marriage over after Phyllis became pregnant. When Phyllis expressed to Nick that she wasn't sure if the baby was his or Jack's, a paternity test was administered but Nick was the only one to view the results and then claimed that he was the father! Although Nick found himself scared to the bone when Sharon was kidnapped after getting drawn into Brad Carlton's past, she ended up okay and the two divorced.

    Not wasting any time, wanting to avoid the six-month waiting period, Nick and Phyllis flew to Mexico and got married! Shortly after, the couple gave birth to a little girl named Summer.

    4.. Katherine let Jill takeover the reigns at Chancellor after experiencing heart trouble. She began to write her memoirs with the help of Amber Moore. When on her way to drive Marge Cotroke to a rehab facility, they were in a car crash. Marge died, but everyone thought it was Katherine, who had really been taken in by the kindly Murphy. Katherine and Murphy fell in love, and when it was proven by DNA that she was alive, and that Jill was not her biological daughter, she finally returned home to plan her wedding to Murphy!

    5.I'm still working on that lol

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    5. more and more i think it's paul's sister patti-- too many pieces- she knows paul's ex wife april (heather's mom) in NY, had to hide out yesterday's ep when paul and his brother were together (you can try to fool one family member, but two?), and she's so determined to get revenge on jack b/c they were married, although jack didn't really love her-- think it pushed her over the edge


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