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What is an open box product?

I am planing to get a new laptop battery off of newegg and they have a retail battery for $181.99 but they have the same exact battery for $111.99 but its open box. Is it ok to buy an open box product? is the part like new? What can I expect as a result of buying an open box product?

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    Usually. Open box items are items that had their packages opened or damaged in the warehouse, or were purchased items that were returned unused. Most retailers only allow good items to be sold at open box, and they usually cover them for returns as well. Some places will not exchange an open box item, however. if it's bad, usually their only policy is a cash refund.

    I did this with best Buy a few years ago, with some satellite equipment. Worked out fine, the stuff was brand new.

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    What Is Open Box

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    It often means it was sold and returned for some reason. You never know why. Someone could have bought the wrong battery and then returned it. Or they bought it and then changed their mind. So you're at risk of getting something that's been messed with. It maybe perfectly fine, but then again.....Ask yourself is it worth the risk to save $70. Unless they're willing to give you a 100% warranty on it, I'd pass.

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