Who is the more "slept on" artist... Sunshine Anderson or Blu Cantrell?

Both made their marks with hits earlier in the 2000's... but neither has really been as successful as their talents deserve.

I am definitely partial to Sunshine... but who do you believe has been MORE 'slept on'

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    I'm gonna have to go with Sunshine Anderson. Unfortunately, even though Sunshine Anderson had two quality album plus good vocals she fell into the realm off one-hit wonder after "Heard It All Before." She had some media attention when the first album came out, but it was really really quiet for her when Sunshine at Midnight was released.

    With Blu, she had a bit of attention geared towards both her albums with "Hit 'em up Style" and "Breathe" which featured Sean Paul. "Breathe" was a major summer track and plus Sean Paul had a lot of media attention himself with the success of his Duty Rock album, his other collaborations that he had with other artists. At that time, there was a big dancehall craze going on and by virtue of Blu having a track with a recognized artists like Sean that gave her more notoriety .

  • I was never a Blu Cantrell fan to be honest. Other than Heard it All Before (which is a dope tune) I don't know much about Sunshine Anderson. So this is a tough call for me. I'll go with Sunshine.

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    im gonna go with Sunshine Anderson. I was downloading songs from both of their albums a few months ago and ended up with waaaay more sunshine anderson tracks than i did blu cantrell.

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    Y'all must be kidding. Blu Cantrell has a banging voice, way much better than Sunshine, with a banging body to match. I still play her "So Blu" album to this day. Listen to "I'll Find A Way," "I Can't Believe," and "Blu Is A Mood" off of that album and you will know what I'm saying.

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  • Well...

    You can't say Blu Cantrell didn't get enough...ummm..."exposure"

    That's for sure. (lol)

    I have to agree with you in your partiality to Sunshine Anderson.

    I think her voice has more "feel" to it in comparison to Cantrell.

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