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Why do some swim trunks or board shorts not have a net? whats the purpose?

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    The reason some boardshorts and swim shorts don't have a net is because of drag Resistance in the water. I'm a surfer and I believe that board short makers started to make boardshorts without nets to make them more sleek when paddling out for some waves. The net adds volume and therefore drag in the water, making for a more difficult (if only slightly) paddle. This is also the reason why boardshorts don't have bulky pockets and bulky elastic waistbands. Plus, in my opinion, no nets are more comfortable anyway and allows my " you know what" to be free after wearing boxer-briefs all day in the office.

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    Only American brands have the netting, you'll discover all the ones that don't are Australian brands, like Speedo, Billabong ,Rip Curl and Aussie Bum.

    The reason for this is in Australia, us guys don't wear board shorts for swimming, only for surfing or casual beach wear. Also us Aussie guys and other guys outside the USA aren't all Puritan minded or morally twisted.

    Like most all American guys and women are, with public nudity, going commando, wearing swim briefs or the bulge between their legs. This is why American swimwear has the netting and are longer and more baggy.

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    I agree with Riley. Long board shorts suck, especially when wet. Speedo briefs are much more comfortable. You would think with all the sex on TV and in movies, we in the US wouldn't care if a guy wears a swim brief, but the fashionistas unfortunately have too much sway with the people in this country.

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