Do you want Obama to succeed?

In raising standards on cars, so that SUV's and trucks will be eliminated, and only very small vehicles will meet the standards?

In raising taxes, interest rates and increasing the deficit?

In reducing the energy available, and therefore increasing energy bills up to 90%

In making decisions on your health care, and limit what your options are as in Britain, and other areas of socialized medicine, and Medicare?

In making us all equal under a socialistic government?


the d., Millions are already failing. yes this is my picure.

America will fail if Obama succeeds. I am sincerely sorry for those who are unable to comprehend what is happening.

Update 2:

Oldmarine: Love it! Thank you!

Update 3:

Chris: Please tell me where we can have a pick-up truck get 37 miles to the gallon. Impossible at this time, And tell me the government will not dictate the kind of cars we will drive..

Update 4:

We will also be paying for Obama's health care whether we use it or not!

Update 5:

Weirdeye..My answer to you is no, but it looks like this is where we are headed.

As a person in the health care industry, I realize that reforms are being made. I would prefer to choose my own health plan and not have to pay for the governments plan of care and for my care plan also.

Update 6:

Weirdeye, with your skills and initiative, you will survive.

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  • Cotton
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    1 decade ago
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    Hi Carmen, I am enclosing a copy of the letter I sent to my senators a few weeks back when they were "contemplating" bring the GITMO detainees here to the US. Here goes......

    "I still don't want enemy combatant detainees on American soil. This action invites attacks, either to martyr the enemy combatants or to break him out. This puts American citizens at risk. These are not prisoners of war, nor are they U.S. citizens. They do not fall under the Geneva Convention, nor do they have the right to a trial – with a jury of their PEERS? Where are you going to get the Jury? Afghanistan? Obama talks about the rule of law.....duh. What about the bankruptcy laws he circumvented - screwing many out of their pension because he owes the UAW which resulted in Obama giving the UAW 55% of Chrysler. He had no constitutional right to fire the CEO of GM. He says he doesn’t want to run the Auto industry – then STOP!! I don’t care what Obama says, his word has NO Credibility. He is a LIAR. What a hypocrite, speaking of truth and fidelity to the laws of our land - right there in the National Archive. If Obama and his cronies weren’t looking in the past (which they keep saying they don’t want to do, but they continue to do) by trying to criminalize everything the previous administration did that kept us safe, you're Pelosi would not be in the pickle she's in. Have you considered that this action is setting a precedent? The next administration can take you guys to the shed over the Auto fiasco, appointing a Tax cheat in charge of the IRS, the exorbitant deficit, the release of top secret documents to placate the ACLU and aiding our enemies. There are several more dubious actions this administration and congress have done in the first 100 days… This Congress/Senate are not protecting OR representing the citizens, instead you are trying to control every aspect of our lives....that is NOT the American way. You are not upholding the Constitution - Obama talks about transparency - HA....remember the stimulus?? It was not available for public scrutiny AS HE PROMISED, and you didn't have time to read the darn thing before you voted FOR it. That alone would get a private employee fired. Who do you think YOU are? The budget was full of pork. Obama said he would not stand for pork, that whole “line by line – using his scalpel” - lie. When he signed that budget he said it was last years business - well then, he had no political reason to sign it. By the way, all his spending – isn’t helping. More and More people are losing their jobs. Obama is an amateur trying to play with the big boys, and he is failing miserably. I am very frustrated with this government. Obama is not Robin Hood, but he is very similar to a hood. A Law abiding very concerned citizen who will not vote for you 2010." So there is my most recent diatribe - and with the policies Obama has put in place, my answer is NO. I do not want HIM to succeed. I want America to thrive, and he is suffocating the ambition and drive right out of the citizens.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As a very conservative Republican, no, I hope he screws up so that Republicans can take the White House back. But as a very patriotic American, yes, I pray to God for his success every day. Because when I think about the president, I don't really think of a policy maker and tax raiser. When I think about the president, I think about my commander and chief. I think about the president as being the leader of the people who protect this country, because that is his main job. As far as raising taxes and all that stuff, those aren't his decisions. Those are the decisions made by congress... If you're going to blame somebody for the bad economy, you don't blame the president, you blame congress... Yes, the president does make decisions that effects the economy and the state of freedom in our country. But in the end, congress has more power than the president does in those categories. Obama can't just say, "We're going to have universal health care, government owns all businesses, and we're taking away all privately own firearms." All those things has to pass through congress before they even arrive on the president's desk for approval... So as a conservative, there is no way I would vote for Obama or any other Democrat. But as a patriotic American and a member of the armed forces, I fully support and respect the president... As far as the US becoming a full fledged socialist nation, i don't think it will ever happen. But if it does, that's not what the country is suppose to stand for, those are not the values that I chose to protect and defend when I signed up for the military, and I definitely wouldn't accept living under a government that has control over the people.

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  • Joanie
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    1 decade ago

    I concur, a success in the Obama administration will mean a complete failure of the ideals of this country, what it stands for, and what the future Amerikans will be robbed of.

    This popular ideology of fairness, meaning that all have the same, that everything that is done should be done by the government and the ridiculousness of using an excuse of saving the earth from the evils of man, has no potential for growth or equality of man.

    Not until we (as seen in our populous) understand that the basic fundamentals of our nation and conservatism are not evil and have only made mistakes which are being and have been corrected. Liberalism and socialism are fundamentally failures and are only a human desire for a utopia that can never exist because of human nature.

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  • 1 decade ago

    (First, that is you? You are a cutie!)

    Now then to answer the question you are posing.

    Yes, I want Obama to succeed.

    The executive branch of our government is only 1 part of three that hold up America as a Nation. While it is true that when the House and Senate are of the same party as the president, the policies of this nation do swing to that side rather rapidly. Just look at what happened during the period from 2001 to the end of 2006. Republicans had total control of the both house's and the Presidency. Laws were made and Canceled. The People's rights were attacked while cart blanch was given to Business and Industry. This is what got us in this Mess of a Quagmire we are soaking in today.

    Now you mention the Health Care industry. Health Care should NOT be a Industry!

    And as for making my own decissions about my health. What about the Insurance industries Denial of Life saving proceedures because they are NOT cost effective? This is someones Life we are talking about. Not fixing a old car or buying a new one.

    Life= Health, you can't have a "Life" (Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness) if your are Sick.

    Health care costs have been held up as a Major reason American Auto's cost sooo much. What is it, a estimated $5-6k per car when those who gave their lives to the company, benefits are figured in. And when the fact that 45% of the premium's for health insurance we pay go for Administrative cost's. Well, a Nation Health care plan like the rest of the industrialized nations have (Like Japan, Austraila, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc . . .) sounds like a simple way to cut health care cost's in America by almost 50% to me. For the Average Med. to Large American manufacturing Company, this is a anual savings of untold Millions!

    Emergency room treatments of the uninsured is 25% of our health care costs. So by insuring every American Citizen and the elimination of the middle man (Insurance Industry), our cost for health care can drop up too 75%. What use to cost $100 now costs only $25 (for those reading this that can't do math.)

    Fuel Milage standards for vehicles.

    Sweatheart this is a Game that the Fat Cat's of Detroit have been playing for Decades!


    I owned a 1972 Datsun (Nissan) 1200 Fastback.

    Fact:1175cc engine making 69 hp

    Fact: it would cruise easily at Freeway speed, then 70mph.

    Fact: It averaged 41 miles per gallon, 45 running the Interstates.

    Fact: A 1979 Diesle VW Rabbit got a avertised 50 miles per gallon.

    So why aren't there more of these high fuel milage cars today? This is 30 to 40 year old tech.

    The American Auto Industry has been all about Profits since the end of the Muscle Car era. I drive a 1974 Pontiac Ventura, 350V8, auto trans. Factory it got 11 miles per gallon on it's best day. Since I upgraded the ignition system to a MSD 6A and electronic distributor, she now get 16 miles per gallon.

    This is why the Japanese Auto's have Kicked our ars for the last 30+ years. Quality was second to Profits.

    In 2000, before Bush took office, America was in the Black, No Deficit and actually paying down our debt. After Only 8 years of Bushit lies and corperate hemmerhoid sucking, we are at 12 Trillion owed to the Chinese.

    Tax's are going back to where they were before Bush took office. Which means my tax's are Not going up because I don't make $250,000 per year or more.

    Reducing What energy available? The oil we buy from OPEC? (aka the TSN, "Terrorist Support Network"). 30 years ago (notice how all of this is 30 or more years ago?) America had a energy policy that called for America to be Free of OPEC's Oil influance by the year 1998. The President who was pushing this policy is also the only President to tell OPEC to and I quote,

    "Eat Your Oil!"

    "A Bushel of Wheat for a Barrel of Oil!"

    (But this guy was laughed at because of his alcoholic brother. Even though this guy was a Nuke Sub Commander, resigned his commission to come home and save the family farm after his father died, and is also the Only President to continue teaching Sunday School while he was in Office.)

    His policies were laughed at so hard, they removed the Solar Panels from the roof of the White House.

    So, the hard push for coming up with new and viable Energy Sorces is a Bad thing?

    The fastest cars (Top fuel Dragsters) on the planet don't go from 0 to 300mph in 4 seconds on Gasoline!

    Every Nation if it is to survive must have a certain amount of Socialism aka Social Programs to help the People. Not Fascism which only helps the Corporation like we have been leaning towards since President Reagan.

    True Capitalism is for the Individual not the Corperation.

    True Capitalism knows that a Healthy work force makes for the most profits possible.

    True Capitalism knows that a Educated work force works Smarter and not harder, again making for maximum Profits.

    Life=Health=Health Care

    Liberty=Freedom=A Educated Mind

    (With these we are truly free for)

    The Pursuit of Happiness!

    Source(s): Trikerphilosophy
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If by success, you mean:

    ~Turning the economy around

    ~Winning the War on Terror (oops I meant Overseas Contingency)

    ~Ending the liberal spread of socialism that has been sweeping over this once great nation

    then by all means I wish him every success.

    If by success, you mean:

    ~Furthering the liberal socialist agenda

    ~Taxing and spending like a fool

    ~Giving up on the War on Terror (oops there I go again)

    then I pray he is a colossal failure.

    I want Comrade Obama to put the United States and our interests first. I want Comrade Obama to act in the best interests of the American people. If he does that and QUITS PURSUING HIS OWN SOCIALIST AGENDA for the United States, then he will be successful. That is success I can support from any president.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    You don't provide sources. Every administration has successes and failures... it would be very reasonable to say that Obama (like any president) has had failures. Why didn't you list the failures and what his defenders are saying about those failures? Until you do some research I can't take your question seriously. This is just a rant.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My question to you is do you want to stand in long lines to eat. Not be able to work because no jobs .Hospitals are and will fail withoutn reform. It is more than organizing.Where I worked the Hospital was in bankrupsy but a group bought the Hospital a payed the bills but that is very very unusal. You don't realize what you want. If you have children or your family who have children will be walking the streets holding your hand, because you want have a home you will be kicked out because if you or your landlord will not beable to keep the place because you or anyone who rents where you live will loose there jobs.

    No one will beable to buy any thing because businesses will go under.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. & I knew that the firs time I read thru his campaign site. everything he's doing now was named there. Tired Dem tax& spend & regulate big-gov't socialist policies. The true impact of what Obama & his cronies are doing is solidifying power in a few hands & making the people subservient to the fed.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No political leader will be succesful as far as making this country better...for many reasons...

    - Any elected official, started campaigning for a reason...and it's usually because they want something (for them), not for their country. That's why they spend millions trying to get elected.

    - This country of ours is solely based on capitalism, equality and capitalism does not go together.

    - There are too many cultures and races living here, and most of these groups all have their own best interest in mind, not the country's best interest.

    Our great country will never be the same, and it will continue to fall...just like the great empires of before fell...

    It is just our time, just like GM, America forgot how to be leaders and innovators, and became too greedy for its own good.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ObamamessiahmastermrgoodwrenchGMCEO is in the process of destroying this great country with his fascist take over and policies that will bankrupt our country for generations that are not even born yet...and THAT IS A SIN!!!...TO STEAL FROM OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS IS DISGRACEFUL AND MORALLY CORRUPT!! is taking America to a place that we MAY not be able to recover HELL YES I WANT HIM TO FAIL!!!...if our founding fathers were alive they would of had a second revolution way before Obamamaster even got into power!!!...and America just yawns....dumbed down idiots...that is what the liberal control of our school systems have produced...WAKE UP AMERICA!!

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