Are theses good names?/?

The last name will be Carr?

rate 1-10

for a daughter-

Annaclaire Danielle [not for sure, but it is cute, just a little on the long side]

Emily Anne [I like it a lot]

Emma Leann [ i like that, it is cool]

Tyler Marie [total favorite, I love tyler on a girl, I hope you do too]

Kaylee Elaine [one of my all time favorite]

Shane Nicole [I love shane, so don't bash it]

Sasha Christina [two of my friends first names together]

Meredith Elise [i think it is adorable]

Anya Skye [i like it]

Naima Avani [Ny-eema Uh-von-ee--another I love]

Liesl Adalin [both german and i love them both]

Adelade Amra [ok, so i made up amra, but i really love it]

Aida Amora [cute!]

Gretl Acira [I have an obsession with german names]

for a son-

Zachary Isaiah [love]

Ian Xavier[love]

Hunter Daniel [ok]

Daniel Tyler[ok]

Devin Joseph[ok]

Aiden Bartel[sorry another german one]

Chadwick Dedric [half german, but love it]

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  • 1 decade ago
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    for the girl i love tyler marie and meredith elise

    for the boy i love Ian xavier and Aiden bartel

    good luck!! <3

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  • 1 decade ago


    Annaclaire Danielle - Thats adorable :) and it'll do for when she grows up, as well.

    Emily Anne - Nice but a bit common

    Emma Leann - Nice, simple, sophisticated name which will do for when she grows up.

    Tyler Marie - I like Tyler for a girl

    Kaylee Elaine - Nice

    Shane Nicole - Shane is quite nice for a girl, actually.

    Sasha Christina - Great idea.

    Meredith Elise - I love Meredith, reminds me of Greys Anatomy :), Elise is pretty, too.

    Anya Skye - Again, simple but sophisticated

    Naima Avani - Not sure

    Liesl Adalin - Liesl is short for Liesslotte, reminds me of my German learning tape from primary.

    Adelade Amra - Amra is pretty, but Adelade reminds me of old ladies that smell of cat pee, purely because of the film, Nanny McPhee

    Aida Amora - Cute

    Gretl Acira - Not sure


    Zachary Isaiah - Cute, but might sound strange as a grown up

    Ian Xavier - Aww :)

    Hunter Daniel - Nice

    Daniel Tyler - My favourite from the boys list :)

    Devin Joseph - Cute

    Aiden Bartel - Aiden is German?, anyways, it's nice

    Chadwick Dedric - Good, cause you can call him Chad :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Annaclaire Danielle- 9

    Emily Anne- 6 [my best friend's name!]

    Emma Leann- 6

    Tyler Marie- 2

    Kaylee Elaine-6

    Shane Nicole- 7

    Sasha Christina- 7

    Meredith Elise- 8

    Anya Skye- 6

    Naima Avani- 5

    Liesl Adalin- 9

    Adelade Amra- 6

    Aida Amora- 6

    Gretl Acira- 4

    Zachary Isaiah- 8

    Ian Xavier- 7

    Hunter Daniel-8

    Daniel Tyler- 7

    Devin Joseph- 6 [Devon is a more masculine spelling]

    Aiden Bartel- 2

    Chadwick Dedric- 2

    My favorites are Annaclaire Danielle, Meredith Elise, Liesl Adalin, Zachary Isiah, and Hunter Daniel. Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Annaclaire Danielle - i think its a bit too long

    Emily Anne - they are both pretty common names

    Emma Leann - like Emma, not too keen on Leann

    Tyler Marie - dead cute, love it (:

    Kaylee Elaine - Elaine is too grown up i think

    Shane Nicole - Nicole is cute. I dont like Shane as a first name, but middle could be cute

    Sasha Christina - not too keen on personally

    Meredith Elise - It's pretty cute

    Anya Skye - LOVE IT

    Naima Avani - I LOVE the name Naima. One of my favourites

    Liesl Adalin - prefer Adalin to Liesel

    Adelade Amra - its dead pretty

    Aida Amora - hmm, not too sure on this one, sounds a bit too much a's

    Gretl Acira - dont really like Gretl but Acira sounds cute

    Zachary Isaish - Love the name Zachary (but thats cause i love zac efron (: )

    Ian Xacier - Dont like Ian but Xavier sounds interesting but im not too sure how you pronounce it

    Hunter Daniel - kinda soudns like he has his first and last name mixed up, sorry

    Devin Joseph - CUTE

    Aiden Bartel - CUTE TOO

    Chadwick Dedrci - not too keen on the wick on the end of chad.

    Favourites have to be

    Aiden Bartel and i cant choose between Anya Skye, Naima Avani and Tyler Marie



    p.s i just realised it said rate one to ten, sorry i didnt do that

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Anya Skye

    Leisl Maire

    Ian Xavier

    Zachary Isaiah

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  • 1 decade ago

    for a girl i like Tyler Marie

    for a boy i like Daniel Tyler

    i <3 those well cute

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like:

    Sasha Christina

    Anya Skye

    Liesl Adalin

    Don't like the boy names... What about:

    Edsel Caspar

    Franz Henry

    Ferdinand Keefer

    I like German names to.

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  • Joseph
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    For a girl: Tatyana Nichole (pronounced: Ta-tee-Ah-na)

    For a boy: Mark Sean (pronounced: Shawn)

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  • 1 decade ago

    ♥ shane nicole [love it when girls have boyish names like dillon]

    ♥ anya skye

    ♥ naima avani

    ♥ liesl adalin

    ♥ ian xavier

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  • 1 decade ago

    girl - Anya Skye

    boy - Zachary Isaiah

    lovely choices btw

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