Difference between a pressure tap valve and a gate valve?

Can someone please explain the difference between a pressure tap valve and a gate valve (if any).

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    Pressure tap valves are usually globe valves which have a disc with a rubber seal on it that turns down on a threaded shaft which as it turns closes off the flow of the water as it gets close to its seat bottom. Some pressure tap valves can also be ball valves which have a ball in them that has a hole in it. as the ball is turned the process fluid is controlled by how much of the hole in the ball is exposed to the line.

    A gate valve has a gate in it or I like to imagine it as a wall in a secret passage. As it is turned down the 'gate' slides down a grooved path to close off the process flow. like a secret door.

    They all are used to control the flow of a process. Which kind of valve used is determined by what kind of process you are controlling, the temperature and pressure are considered as well as what kind of control one needs.

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    Tapping Valves

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    they have different functions, the pressure bypass valve is normally used in Heating systems, between the Flow and Return circuits, just in case all the radiators are shut and the water has no were to flow, some of the more sophisticated use a pressure differential between one side of the circuit to the other to operate, Also generally set at quite a low pressure. Pressure release valves are used on closed loop central heating systems or other water systems were unwanted pressure can build up, and usually will vent to some sort of outflow, IE over flow pipe or return to a hot water tank and operate at higher pressure and are more likely to be adjustable

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    For the last 60 years they are the same. Anyone that tells you differently is not telling the truth.

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    this will explain about a gate valve


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