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How does Spotify work?

How does the programme/application spotify work? like you search the artist and you are given FREE playback in no time at all!

Does the song come from a URL? how how how how? lol


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    Spotify is a music streaming service.

    Streaming works by the provider, in this case, the Spotify company, sending the song file to the client program, the Spotify program. Instead of sending the whole file at once and the user having to wait for the song to download however, small parts of the song are sent at a time, a couple seconds or so. This means you can start listening to the song almost instantly.

    To use Spotify, all you need to do is sign-up on their website, then download the program, install it, then run it and log-in. Very easy.

    If you go with the free version, you get adverts occasionally, but they really aren't a problem.

    Hope i helped... :)

    ps: here is the link the the wikipedia article on streaming in case you, or anyone else, is interested...:

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    To get Spotify for free you can click here on the link

    It's a very good program and easy to use.

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    songs on spotify flow song, in the event you wish to import some thing for your itunes you must have the information saved in your laptop. that implies downloading the song. Where to down load is kinda as much as you, however realize that after your headed for viruses in the event you dont understand how to discover well assets. (limewire is okay, def now not the exceptional, given that it does supply you viruses, however atleast its now not the worst.)

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