Just bought refill ink cartridge..HELP?

just got my canon mp210 refilled in the black ink cartridge, it says pg 37, but its been filled with 40 but i believe thats ok....

Anyway ive done as shop owner says and switched off printer status monitor, yet all i was getting was badly printed copies of what i typed, i.e faded then it goes good then blank....BUT NOW im just getting nothing on the page, just blank, sounds like its printing but comes out blank...

Can you help?


some-yan i do know that there not meant to be refilled but companies such as cartirdge right dont make tonnes of millions , by saling something that doesnt work!... thanks for those who have been helpful

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    It is OK as the cartridges are both the same they just hold different amounts of ink.

    To those that keep trashing refilling as bad: Refilling does not ruin your printer nor invalidate your warranty. I have refilled printer cartridges for 5 years and never have I had a problem - except when I first stared as I lacked the skills to do it properly. The only reason people report bad results with refills is they do it badly or refill cartridges that can't be refilled (some are not suitable as the printers are nobbled to refuse to print with refills or they burn out after one use).

    I had the same Canon cartridge number as yours and I refilled the black over and over again. I still have the printer in working order although I no longer use it as I have the MP610, but its here as a back up. The person who instructed you does not sound that bothered to help much now he has your money!

    Below is a refilling instruction site that shows how to refill the ink for your printer (its again for the number 40 cartridge but the number 37 is the same it just holds less ink and the method is the same for both). Do not over fill (a mistake I made when I started) as this will cause leakage and bad print outs.

    You may not have put enough ink in when your refilled and now its empty. Try to put a bit more in and if it does not come out of the hole at the top then keep slowy injecting more in until you see the ink come out of the hole. Stop as soon as that happens and draw back the syringe to take back the excess ink and replace it back in the bottle as you can use it again.

    Sometimes damage to the cartridge's internal sponge can occur if the needle is inserted too deep and also you still need to buy a new cartridge on average every 3rd or 4th refill as the print heads in them burn out and are no longer useable. See if the link offers any help.


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    I do not know why people buy refills ink to fill there cartridges up with, when you can buy compatible cartridges that will do the job for half the price, I have been using compatible cartridges now for over ten years with different printers without any trouble at all, the printer that I am using now is a epson and I can get the compatible cartridges for it for £1.85, if I buy 12 then I can get them for £1.65 and there no mess

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    Your cartridge isn't actually filled correctly, your print head is far to dry leading to an inconsistent print.

    Many refilling companies actually are going out of business as they do experience about a 25% failure rate.

    The only reason they have survived for so long is they inject about $0.04 worth of ink and charge you $15.

    Those cartridges are among some of the easiest to refill if you have the correct equipment. I am willing to bet they didn't flush the print head, resulting in debris getting caught and negatively impacting your print.

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    It seems that you have got the refilling from a wrong person or your printer was idle for more time.


    1. See if you cartridge is properly fitted in the printer and the printer status moniter properly detects the cartridge. If not fit it properly.

    2. Your cartridge head might have block due to overage of time.

    Just soak you cartridge in luke warm water for 5-10 min. do not dip your cartridge fully in water, then take it out and press it lightly on a tissue paper, here the ink should flow quickly.

    If nothing is one your tissue, then take isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and clean it gently. and damp on clean tissue.

    If these do not work, then just purchase a new cartridge, and be happy.

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    You got what you bargained for. Inkjet cartridges are not meant to be refilled, despite what re-fillers would have you believe. Ink formulations are proprietary, so after market producers cannot exactly duplicate it. The fact that it does not work should not be too much of a surprise. If you are refilling because of cost, consider getting a Kodak printer. Their new refills sell for about half of what everybody else's sells for.

    edit 1) The evidence that refilling does not actually work, is in your printer. And yes, some companies thrive selling crap. Take fast food for example. It is rubbish, but people buy it anyway, just like refilled ink tanks.

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    The ink cartridges for your printer is PG 40 & CL 41.


    Please make sure you got the right cartridges for your printer. Then if the refilled ink cartridges not working, please follow these instructions below:

    1) Turn on the printer; take out the cartridges

    2) Turn off the printer for a few minutes

    3) Turn on the printer, when it says "insert inks", and then insert the compatible cartridges one by one, making sure the cartridges are sitting completely in the slots.

    Hope you can use your printer very soon.

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    Well assuming that 40 is a heavier consistency than 37 what you have done is blocked the print heads and possibly damaged the heater inside it.

    Your only choice is now to have the print head replaced in the printer.

    Take this a lesson that refilling cartridges is a false economy and never works properly.

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    hmm.. if u've done the proper steps.. then u shouldn't have any problems

    maybe u didn't place the ink correctly and fix it, that's y it goes good then blank again.


    maybe the ink in the cartridge had dried up??

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    it is very easy to refill ink cartridges

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