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Totally serious question: I'm planning to enlist in the US Army and drop out of college on Saturday. How do I?

break the news to my mother?

I only have one semester left to graduate at Tulane, but my GPA is pretty bad (below a 3.0) so I really don't see any use for this degree in the long run anyway.

Also, I'm just unmotivated with school and uninterested in life.

I know she's going to get furious, but what sort of things could you say to your mother if you were in such a situation?

(I'm 20 years old and a guy)


Yeah, I already got my 120 credits, but I needed 12 more for a Graduation I'd have to stay until December (

Update 2:

Well, I'm on a merit scholarship, and I have funds for food and housing, so they wouldn't have to pay anything at all really.

Still, why am I spending six months for a degree with a 2.85 GPA?

I'd have to start over and get a new Bachelor's degree anyway

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    PLEASE reconsider. I dropped out of college, and it is one of my biggest regrets. Life (job, spouse, babies, etc.) happens, making it very difficult to go back, and then the requirements change, your credits expire, setting you back even further...

    And you are SO CLOSE to finishing! Arghh, you're killing me, kid! You have no idea what you are throwing away. Just having a degree, regardless of your grades, will open doors otherwise shut. Please, please reconsider!

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    A 2.85 GPA might not seem like a stellar GPA to you, but it's not a bad grade. You're just 0.15 points from a 3.00 GPA.

    So, why not wait until December? Instead of rushing into enlisting into the army, you can take the classes needed for graduation. In the meantime, you can be thinking about the army. Maybe you'll change your mind by December. Or maybe you'll be more certain that you want to enlist.

    Maybe you could even tell your mom now that you're thinking about possibly joining the army six months in the future. You would have six months to talk it over with her.

    The best thing I've done in my life (education- and career-wise) was get my Bachelors degree.

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    Samian! Are you kidding me? You can't do thiiiis.

    Get your degree. You have worked so hard and wasted sooo much money and time if you just leave right before the home stretch.

    Get done with it, and then if you want to join the Army [although I will worry about you a lot] that is fine.

    To keep you motivated until the end of school, maybe you should pick up a new hobby, ask some laddddy out on a date, or join a book club, etc. so you have something to look forward to and get you through each week easier.

    Please don't leave... you are so close. You can do it.

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    i will come down there and beat you if you do this. seriously.

    you said: "Still, why am I spending six months for a degree with a 2.85 GPA?"

    no one will care what your GPA is. actually, the truth of the matter is, nobody will care what your degree is either.

    all that matters is that you graduate and have a degree. an employer cares that you are capable of finishing a task, and that is what a college degree means.

    i have nothing against the military. LET ME BE CLEAR! my father graduated from West Point, and several members of my family are veterans. i am for military service.

    but you would do far better by getting your degree - ANY degree, and THEN enlisting AS AN OFFICER.

    look, it's already june - look into taking some summer classes towards graduation, and then finish up and graduate in december. you have the rest of your life ahead of you. do not bail out now. i WILL come down there. LOL.

    (i just realized how god-like that sounded...heh heh)

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    Honestly, even if you don't use the degree, sticking it out and finishing will definitely do you some good. Six months isn't that long, really, and why invalidate the work that you have done. Besides, there are quite a few people out there who get a degree that they never use.

    Afterwards, if you're still interested, you can join the military. Hell, if your school has an ROTC program, you may be able to 'hit the ground running', so to speak.

    Another thing I'd like to point out: Do you think you'll be able to drop out of the military with 6 months left, because you're unmotivated and uninterested?

    I don't want to be rude, but think about it.

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    Why would you drop out when you only have one semester left to graduate? Why would you want to waste all that money? At least graduate first and then go into the Army. That will be good because once you leave the Army (unless you get a permanent job with them) then you'll need something to back you up so you can get a new job,and you can even get better jobs in the Army if you have a degree. It's just common sense to at least finish your semester if you're able to graduate.

    And when you decide to tell your mom (hopefully after graduating), you should just tell her that it's what you truly want to do and it's what would truly make you happy. It's your life, not hers.

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    My husband is a US Army Recruiter. He often makes appointments with the entire family for this very reason. You may not have an easy way to put it to her, but a seasoned Recruiter knows just what to say. Most parents are fine about it, once they hear the benefits and how the pros out way the cons. Especially when they hear from someone else who is upstanding, educated, and experienced in the field.

    Ask your Recruiter to accompany you, do your homework, be prepared to answer "mommy" questions. You are an adult, but I am sure as a mother, she would feel let down by her dreams for you and the money and time spent putting you in college. But once she hears of how the Army will still put you through college and pay for it, as well as give you a stable life style and income with wonderful room for advancement, adventure, and discipline. She'll come around. Good luck to you!

  • I don't know how else to put this, so here goes:

    I have read occasional questions and answers of yours here, and you have always seemed to me someone who is very self-absorbed. Most of the questions that I remember were about how ugly and unworthy of love you are, and overall, wallowing in self-pity.

    I don't know whether you're asking for the attention or because you're serious, but I think you need to hear that someone with your personality traits has no place in the army.

    Sure, the US Army is short on recruits and they would accept you as soon as you came in the door, but you would be a greater danger to them than an asset. The army is not about the individual, it's about the GROUP. It's about SACRIFICES for the group. My commanding officer when I was an infantryman threw himself on top of two of his soldiers to protect them from an RPG, and he lost both of his legs. Today he runs amputee marathons. THAT's what the army's about - not about "I'm so ugly" or "nobody will ever love me."

    If you are thinking of doing this to "find" yourself, stay home. The army isn't the place for self-discovery, that's what college is for. I don't think anything is more selfish or more childish than wanting to drop out of college with one semester left and everything paid for. Grow up! There are real people out there with real problems! Everything has been given to you, learn to appreciate it.

    And if you're asking for the attention, as I suspect - get a hobby. Get off of the computer and make some friends.

    Source(s): 7 years IDF
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    I did the same thing I dropped out with a 3.95/4.0 gpa but had to do what I felt was right! My country needed me more than the college did. With my leadership skills, training from 3 branches and having a couple very dangerous jobs, they wished me luck and sent me on my way. If you explain that you can do more good on the lines instead of sitting in a classroom disputing everything about the situation, I'm sure your mother will have a semblance of respect for your decision,,,,,but remember;'s your decision...not hers.

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    For your own well-being, you need to re-think this decision from a more positive perspective. You make it sound like you've joined the army to escape your problems. You make it sound like you've failed at everything else, and joined up as a last resort. Your mom won't respond positively to that spin, believe me.

    Are you patriotic? Does the military represent your values somehow? Do you feel drawn to a life of service? Do you need discipline and structure in your life? Are you looking forward to the adventure of living in other countries? Have you examined what sort of practical skills you might learn? Do the health benefits and retirement plan appeal to you? Will the military make a man out of you?

    Ask yourself these kinds of questions, and then rewrite your script from a more positive angle. I'm sure you'll get a more positive reaction from your mom that way.

    Good luck.

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    You just do. There is no best way to do it.

    Sit her down, and expect the worse. Have you answers ready for her. she's going to have a lot.

    Make sure, that you research what MOS you want in the military, don't just choose one and go for it. Thats a bad move.

    If you have not selected a military career, then tell your mom, you would enjoy her input on what job would be best for you at the recruiters station. Tell her that not joining isn't an option, and that if you choose to, you can continue college while in (the military will pay for it) or even when you get out.

    Expect sparks though and plan for bad things.

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