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1. 0度的水的分子平均動能比冰的大..why係錯?

2. 温度一樣..動能便一樣..對or錯?


温度一樣..動能便一樣..對or錯? why?

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    1. 0度的水的分子平均動能比冰的大..why係錯?

    The kinetic energy (KE) of water molecules only depends on temperature disregard that they are in liquid or solid states. Hence, KE of water molecules in liquid water and in ice are the same.

    2. 温度一樣..動能便一樣..對or錯?

    Yes, it is generally true. The KE of molecules is revealed as the degree of hotness or coldness (i.e. the temperature) of a substance.

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