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徵求翻譯高手 幫忙翻譯一些文章 急急



萬分得感謝 : ]



2、Erbe廣場:維羅納的市中心,是羅馬時代的聚會場;廣場上有哥德式的圓柱(Colonna Antica)及女神像、噴水池等。現在是販賣鮮花、蔬果的市集,也有許多販賣紀念品的商店,人來人往非常熱鬧。

3、茱麗葉的家(Casa di Diulietta):位於Cappello街27號,中庭的陽台即是羅蜜歐與茱麗葉的私會處。

4、San Fermo Maggiore教堂:教堂內以沒有走廊為其特色,教堂外的小修道院有茱麗葉的墓,傳說也是男女主角的殉情之地。

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    In the Roman Empire time is one of Italian most important city-

    states,In the ancient Rome empire time because of Caesar, the

    augustus and so on emperor's asylum is once celebrated.The

    Shakespeare four big tragedies “Luo Miou and Juliet” namely

    occur in this place.

    1. Amphitheater:The scale occupies third in the entire Italy,

    preserves most complete one, in the summer performs when the

    opera may hold more than 20,000 people.

    2. Erbe square:Verona's town center,Is the Roman time gathers the

    conference site;In the square has the gothic style column (Colonna

    Antica) and the goddess elephant,,fountain and so on.The present is

    trades the fresh flower, the fruits and vegetables county fair,Also

    many trade the souvenir the store, is crowded lively.

    3. Juliet's family (Casa di Diulietta):Located at Cappello street 27,

    the quadrangle balcony is Luo Miou and Juliet's tryst place.

    4. San Fermo Maggiore church:In the church take does not have the

    corridor as its characteristic, outside the church minor repair Daoist

    temple to have Juliet's grave, the fable is also the male and female

    lead commits suicide together in the name of love the place.



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