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不要問別人想法因為別人只能給你意見 決定權在於你自己 


現在你的身邊有個愛你的女孩 為什麼你不肯去好好珍惜她


明明心裡很清楚 你要的是什麼 為何還要庸人自擾呢?

過去前女友帶給你的傷 是你身邊現在的她陪你度過的 不是嗎?

我想:人是不是在一起久了 往往都會變的很貪心?

男人:身邊抱著一個女人 眼睛還再望著另外一個女人

大多情人之間在一起久了 都會漸漸浮現一種感覺

清楚的知道那不是愛 而是昇華為_習慣

習慣 會讓人暫時麻痺自己 以為是愛情 有沒有想過放棄了 其實是一種解脫?

給彼此空間 不要自私的強留她在你身旁 畢竟女人的歲月是有限的

套一句話:男人越老越值錢 女人卻是越老越沒本錢!

過去你的傷是前女友帶給你的 如果你不後悔的話 那你就回頭吧

畢竟後果是要你自己去承擔 不要去選擇逃避 猶豫不決只會讓自己越來越無能為力罷了

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    Don't ask others their thoughts because they can only give you some opinions but it is just decided by yourself.

    Do you think it better to deceive yourself?

    There is always a girl loving you around.

    Why don't you cherish her? Are you silly?

    You clearly realize what you want but you still hesitate.

    When you are in the pain your former girlfriend give , it is she that always be your round ,isn' she?

    I always doubt that whether people become greedy when they have been known each other for a long time.

    Man, always hug the girl around him but still desire other girls.

    Many couple have been get along with others for a long time and there will be a feeling emerging.

    They clearly realize it isn't love but habit.

    Habit always makes people dull temporarily and believe it is love.

    However , have you ever thought it is a kind of relaxation to give up?

    Give each other much space.

    Don't selfishly force her to be around you.

    After all,for women,time is money.

    As the the proverb goes,

    men are more valuable when they get older, while women are on the contrary.

    The past pain is given by your former girlfriend.

    If you don't regret , then you change your mind.

    After all, it is you that must take the responsibility and don't choose toget away.

    Hesitate only male you more incapable.


    畢竟英文和國文不同 說的白話一點 意思也可以比較抓的到阿= =超難翻的!!!!

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