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    Dear 我知道您是哪位 要不然本人不敢答匿名 


    歌名 Helpless

    演唱 Backstreet Boys feat. Pitbull

    單曲 Helpless (2009)


    Wake up every morning and see your face

    Lying right beside me it fills the space

    In my heart

    I can't live without you

    Don't wanna figure right how to

    And everytime i lay my head down to sleep

    The emptiness inside of me starts to beat

    So loud

    I can't hear the sound

    Do you hear it?

    For you


    I fall in love all over again

    Each time

    I lay my eyes on you

    I pretend

    I feel so helpless

    Without you

    Feel so helpless

    Without you

    It takes a piece of me

    Each time you leave

    I feel it in my chest

    So hard to breathe

    I feel so helpless

    Without you

    I feel so helpless

    Without you

    I witness every trick you got up your sleeve

    But still somehow you keep on surprising me

    I'm yours

    I can't live without you

    Don't wanna figure right how to

    Everytime i see you i feel like i

    Could be the luckiest man in the world

    Why try to fight it

    There's no need to hide it

    Because you know

    (Repeat chourse)

    Feels like i

    Fall apart


    Where do i start

    I'm so helpless without you

    Without you yeah..

    (Rap part)

    Everytime i close my eyes

    You're the first thing that runs to my mind

    Everywhere i go

    I see you

    Hear you

    Feel you

    I just wanna be near you

    And heal? You

    Last thing you said is how dare you

    First thing i said is i'm sorry

    Now i'm sitting here

    Helpless man

    Same old story

    Now she's broken hearted

    Time heals all the wounds

    She said

    Not this time

    It's true

    Everyone plays a fool

    And that fool is me

    Because foolishly

    Took advantage of a women who loved me

    (Repeat chourse)

    歌名 Down

    演唱 Jay Sean feat. Lil' Wayne

    專輯 My Own Way (U.S. edition) (2009)



    歌名 Revolver

    演唱 Madonna feat. Lil Wayne

    單曲 Revolver (2009)



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