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What is the job of a Navy Nuclear Officer?

I am currently enlisted in the US Navy, an E-4 and rated Electronics Technician, and going into Nuclear Power School, having just completed A-school. Needless to say I know a bit about reactors and about what a nuke officer does.

However, I really want to know the detailed specifics about what Nuclear Officer does - I'm applying for the STA-21 program, and I effectively need to know what I'll be doing if I am accepted.

I've been told I'd be standing Engineering Officer of the Watch, which is a supervisory role of the Reactor, but what does that entail? I really need to know in depth specifics, and be able to explain it effectively to my CO when it comes time for an interview to determine if I should go on to be an officer or just stay enlisted like I am now.


I can't ask my EOOW because... I don't have one.

I'm not in the fleet yet, I'm a student, still training to become a nuclear operator. An EOOW is only present in the fleet - I have very little interaction with officers as it is.

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    Was a EWS nuke at an E5, and was in for 8 years. I can tell you that to remain an enlisted, when given the choice to become an officer, is in a word...foolish. The EOW is the one who gives the permission for any evolutions. Whether its pulling rods, rearranging the electrical grid, or blow downs, he is the man in charge and is reported to by the EWS. The enlisted do everything else and the EWS runs engineering and reports back to the EOW. If you don't take the officer job, I can promise you that everyone (ie the other nukes) in the fleet will consider you an idiot and give you hell. You haven't even done the hard thing yet, and that's go to the fleet.

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    so ask your EOOW....

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