How can i store my store tires?

I have a small garage. My car wheels with tires on them get stored in the garage also . Occasionally my extra wheels/tires get bumped by the front of the car when I park in the garage.

I want to know, is this harmful for the tires and wheels. Do I need to find a storage facility to keep my tires for me?


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    My father ( GRHS ) always put his tires ( with or without rims ) on

    them in front of our car in the garage for over 30 years. Even with

    our full size station wagon slamming into them over and over, never

    did they have a problem... Just keep them in your garage and try

    not to go over 10 mph when you hit them...( LOL )

    Just my opinion here..

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    When you store your tires, ideally you will let the pressure out of them.

    Heat and sunlight are the greatest dangers which tires face when they're not being used. Make certain that they are kept in a place which is as dark and cool as is practical, certainly not in direct sunlight or exposed to any heat, or chemicals.

    Water or condensation shouldn't affect your tires but could cause some rusting on your wheels, if they are steel.

    Because rubber is flexible, the occasional bump wouldn't hurt the tires, but might damage the rims if it were hard enough. If you're piling tires on top of one another, don't pile them more than 8 high, and avoid placing other weight on top of them.

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    As long as you don't bump them too hard where it cracks or damage the wheel or tires then it's fine. Tires usually should only be used within 5 years of manufacture date. After that you suppose to dispose of them because it's not as safe anymore.

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    try building yourself a tire rake that will be high enough so that the front of the car can have clearence to fit underneath

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  • 1 decade ago

    tires have an expiration date, so don't keep them too long. also don't keep the tires on the floor they will rot with the temperature changes.

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