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Does anyone else think Xbox 360 is a bad system?

I was one of the first people to receive an Xbox 360. I got a floor model around Christmas time and was so excited to get it. I had a ps2 and a original Xbox before and decided to get whatever new system came out first and that was of course 360. About a year after getting my 360 I got the Red Ring of Death. I was so mad because at this time you couldn't call them and get it fixed for free. The guy told me it would be X amount of money (and it was a I think 75 or something) and I argued for a while but eventually sent in a check for the amount they told me to pay. About a week after I got my 360 I received a refund in the mail saying my 360 was still under warranty. I got my money back of course because everyone was sending their 360's in for repair because of the red lights. I had my 2nd 360 for not even 6 months and once again I got the red lights. This time when I called the guy told me they'd fix it for free because it was such a common problem. I thought that maybe this time my 3rd 360 would last longer than a year. But of course about a year after getting it, it is doing something even worse. Now my 360 will freeze during actual game play. It's fine during all the menus and at the dashboard but as soon as I go to play a game it freezes. This time I don't get any lights instead that's all that happens is the screen becomes a still shot and I have to manually turn it off. I've been hoping the more I turn it on the more likely I will get the red lights and get it fixed for free but now I realize I'm going to have to call Microsoft and hear their same BS, "Well since there aren't any lights on we can fix it for X amount of dollars". I will give in eventually but for now I'm just hoping I get the dam(n) lights to come on.

Now I think after all that happening I have to call the console flat out bad. Don't get me wrong the graphics are amazing and revolutionary in gaming but how many stories have you heard from friends, family, and just random people like me saying they've had to get a new 360 because of a system malfunction? Now I'm not going to say PS3's are better or anything but I've not heard as many PS3 systems going bad as I have for the 360 console. I'm sure they have their problems too but I honestly find it hard to imagine that it could be as bad as the 360.

With all this being said I just want to know what everyone else thinks about the Xbox 360 console. Also do you all think PS3 is a more reliable system?


As far as being a supporter of what system you own I just have to say that I know people that have had no problems at all with their PS3's and everyone I know with a 360 has had the red ring of death at least once.

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    It's all about the design, the xbox 360 has such a bad design... First of all, Microsoft puts the hard drive on the top and fans to the side. Well that adds a lot of pressure, think about it; the heat will go upwards (going to the hard drive) a good way to think about this is a balloon. When a balloon is released into the air, it moves upwards so does the heat. My recommendation is that you get internal fans because it must be your graphics cards that is spoiled. The xbox 360 has good graphics but the graphic's card cannot stand the heat... Since the xbox 360 almost uses all of its power (when playing), it creates a lot of heat but gets stuck into the small fans. After hours of wonderful gaming, your console freezes.

    I would recommend cleaning the console for possible dust accumulation, or else check the ventilation ports/buy a fan to avoid/prevent. If this doesn't work, sue Microsoft!!

    I don't think that the xbox 360 is a bad console but just a regular Microsoft product. You can always expect all types of errors in Microsoft's products (from slow-freezing Vista PC's: RROD xbox 360: not working Windows Defender: Unsecured OS). But if your asking which system is better, the Playstation really is a heck of a system, though the xbox 360 has a lot of games it is just quantity but not quality.

    Yes the PS3 is a more reliable system, if not look at crashing rates, for instance; 6 out of 10 people who had xbox 360 was deffective (this was at the very beginning of the release), and now it has reduced to somewhat 32% (All consoles since 2005), yet more and more cases have been reported. Also the fact that Microsoft hides this fact... makes me wonder.... As for the Playstation 3, have no idea... So I wonder... Are there any problems for the PS3? Well one thing I'm sure of, is that PS3 has not had as bad system failures as the 360 has.

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    I would certainly not say that it is a bad system. I think that is a great system. I have all 3 top consoles on the market today including number 4 which is the PS3. It surprised me that even the PS2 beat the PS3 in market sales last month. With that little dig set to the side. It is unfortunate that Microsoft made a really bad decision to rush to the market with some less than reliable hardware.

    Users pretty much have spoke in my opinion there have been 30 million consoles sold and there are currently 20 million active xbox live accounts. I am sure that, this includes silver and gold. MLG uses the system for their major events. Yes both systems have their own exclusives which is great to boast about, but from a corporate stand point seems pretty silly to me considering if they did not have exclusives they could potentially be seeing another 10 million item sells. I don't know many companies today who would pass that number up especially at 60 bucks a game.

    It is unfortunate that many have experienced problems and it is rather easy for me to say that I like/prefer the 360 because I have not. I guess I have been lucky. They have done a lot of things right and again I would say that the proof is in the pudding with sells and users.

    Good luck

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    Well as far as a gaming system goes, the XBOX 360 is the worst system on the market by far. the wii is fun and has its place but is really only for those times you have people over and you want a party game or something like that. If you want a game that will get you and your friends up off the couch and is more interactive then go for the wii but don't even consider the xbox, it breaks all the time my friends all play xbox and every single one of them has had to buy a new one or get theirs fixed 2 or more times, you have to pay to play online, the graphics aren't that good (compared to a ps3), you have to pay a bunch for accessories that should come with the system, they are cheaply made, you have to put batteries in the controllers....(i could go on forever) you either need to get the wii or get a PS3 if you want to play some more serious games. personally i would go with the ps3 i have one and its awesome and there is never anything wrong with it. (i have had an xbox to so don't just things im some ps3 fanboy)

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    Well i got one about 6 monthes ago, the black 120GB elite version. So far its worked great. The online play is amazing. Ive heard alot of stories about malfuncions, but with all the stories ive heard microsoft has always been willing to repair them, (they repaired my friends even though the warranty had been up for a few monthes)... They are slowly working out all the kinks, and im hoping mine will have most of the problems worked out of it cause its a newer system, and the elites are manufactured in a different facilty then the standard ones, (i think).

    So yeah i love mine, alot.

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    I would have to completely agree with you. Even though the graphics, games, and setup is all great the reliability is pathetic. I still have my xbox 360 despite having to pay $100 to fix their bad designing. Me and my friend actually opened his xbox up after he got red rings and from what i saw (im majoring in mechanical engineering) it was a disaster. Also my friend ended up getting a ps3 and he seems to like it alot. And the blueray is alot cooler than i thought.(and free online)

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    Most of the time, you are a supporter of what system you have. I have an xbox 360, I personally don't like the PS3. If you have a PS3 you might not the the 360. Like I said, you are a supporter of what system you have.

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    well i have all 3 of the next gen. systems and the one i end up playing the most is the xbox 360. ps3 is great for there exclusive titles and so is the wii, but out of all of them i alway's end up playing the 360 online .

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    I've had a much nicer experience than you, i know about 7 other people with xbox 360's and i don't think any of them have any trouble...

    Personaly, my xbox has never had trouble. And i am downright neglegent sometimes. I have forgotten to turn it off for weeks at a time, and i've carried it around in a bag with some sodas for 3 miles... i've run the poor thing in circle, and it has yet to fail for me... You have had your problems but for me its nigh invunerable.

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    Xbox 360 is the best video game system there is!!! has a nice library of games and online play and blows the Ps3 away!!!

    Source(s): i own both
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    I was disappointed in the xbox 360. I got the elite and got the red rings of death. The graphics and games are awesome but what gets me is that they marketed a product that they knew had issues. *shrug*

    (just got mine back last week from microsoft for the red rings of death)

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