which career has more opportunity for getting a job art and design or graphic design?

Well im going to college and im thinking of taking art and design (which involves drawing, painting and photography), but they say that is hard to fine a job, and is better to go in to graphic design because is easier to get a job. So i was wondering if this is actually true

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    I am a graphic designer, and I live in a fairly small town, but there are still a lot of different jobs you can get with a graphic design degree (btw 4 year degrees help a lot more than 2 year degrees if you want to really get somewhere in the field). I did my internship at an advertising agency and worked there for a year, unfortunately the place closed. Right after though I got a job as a graphic designer for a distribution company and worked there for a couple years, which is really nice doing in-house graphic design for a company. Now I work for a different company doing their design and marketing.

    You can do anything from advertising, in-house design, pre-press or printing, package design, etc. There are tons of opportunities really. The market can be saturated in some areas but it really depends where you are. A lot of our teachers where I went to school in Pittsburgh said it's better to move away and come back after a few years experience, but I didn't have a problem finding a job in my hometown on the outskirts of PA/WV, which jobs are not high in demand here. I was going to go with an art degree out of college as well but heard the same thing about the job market with art so it made me change my mind, which I'm glad I did now. Think about getting even a marketing degree minor or something, because that can really help you get ahead. Hope that helps! :)

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    nither of those career paths are guaranteed. In the art industry the highest paying jobs are in advertising. Graphic design can be a good source of income but the job market is super saturated with people in that industry so it's hard to stand out.

    If you love drawing and painting, then getting into illustration is not a bad idea- you can do freelance work, illustration work, and possibly do some work in the animation industry doing layouts, background painting, or design.

    If you really like graphic design make sure you have a solid foundation in web-design and programing because it will open alot more doors.

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    If you have chosen that field don't be frighten off by the prospect of no jobs. Here is my advice: Look into designing a major in photography, commercial art and graphic design. In a minor area of study, you could pick up some courses in painting and drawing. The jobs in commercial art have need for several competencies you could develop while in school and make your self more marketable in the field. Be a 3-in one

    job seeker: a photographer, graphic designer commercial artist. With all of the technology in that field, artist seldom use pencil /pen and paper. Every thing is imaged and scanned and laid out ito fit a format.

    Painting pictures and drawing for a living could l be a hobby that brings in some income also.

    Source(s): Raised a son who is a photographer/graphic designer employed and making a descent living. He turned photography as 3rd grader into a freelance opportunity and now into a major part of his job.
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    Yeah, the money is in graphic design.

    I occasionally sell a painting, but most of my income still comes from graphic design work I do.

    I hope to eventually paint more, and design less -

    Anyway, nothing wrong with doing both - I only minored in graphic design, and still ended up doing that as a job for a few years...really any combination of majoring in one and minoring in the other should make you employable.

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