who's the president of colombia?

i've been doing some research on colombia in south america but i haven't really found who the president is.

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    Alvaro Uribe Velez

    39th President of Colombia and is currently serving his second term in office.

    President of Colombia


    Assumed office

    August 7, 2002

    Vice President Francisco Santos Calderon

    Preceded by Andrés Pastrana Arango


    Governor of Antioquia

    In office

    January 1, 1995 – December 31, 1997

    Preceded by Ramiro Valencia Cossio

    Succeeded by Alberto Builes Ortega


    Mayor of Medellín

    In office

    October 1982 – December 1982

    Preceded by Jose Jaime Nicholls Sánchez

    Succeeded by Juan Felipe Gaviria Gutierrez


    Born: July 4, 1952 (1952-07-04) (age 56)

    Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

    Political party: Colombia First

    Other political

    affiliations Colombian Liberal Party

    Spouse Lina María Moreno Mejía

    Children Tomás Uribe Moreno

    Jerónimo Uribe Moreno

    Alma mater University of Antioquia

    Harvard University

    St Antony's College, Oxford

    Profession: Lawyer

    Religion: Roman Catholic

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    Álvaro Uribe Vélez

    Source(s): wikipedia, the source of all knowledge
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    The current president is Álvaro Uribe. Velez is his mother's maiden name which is usually included in Spanish full names, but for English purposes you just say Álvaro Uribe.

    Source(s): I'm Colombian and I love Uribe.
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