Buying Used Car Options paint jobs?

I'm buying a used car and the options are these can you define them please and do I really need certain ones over the other how important are these and do they really make a differences?

1. Sound shield undercoating?

2. Vinyl Guard?

3. Fabric Guard?

4. Acrylic Overcoat?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Skip them all. Every single one.

    I didnt know dealers were still offering these things. Your fabric and vinyl guard can be had for about $15 worth of professional-grade Scotch Guard at your automotive detail supply store.

    Your paint protection can be had for about $20 at the same place. Frankly, the clear coat on most cars today is strong enough to not need any extra protection. Regualr washing and waxing with a pro-grade carnuba will take care of your paint just fine.

    Sound Shield undercoating? forget it. Snake oil

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