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Why was there so much corruption in the colonial period?

Elaborate if you can!

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    By no means am I a historian, but logic dictates this answer. Human beings are greedy little buggers and that creates corruption. People want more and more and when those with money could so easily manipulate the poor (as in the dark ages in England or the colonial period) they do.

  • I don't know which country's colonial period and corruption you are referring to, but I would very much like to believe that the reason/s is/are more or less the same here in the Philippines and else where.

    The Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards for over 333 years. During that period, there was widespread injustice-corruption, poverty, and unsolved crimes.

    In our studies in history, we've found out that it was not, in fact, the fault of the King of Spain. It was the fault of the leaders they had granted powers unto. They were too far away to know of the injustices they have done (i.e. taking land and money).

    So if you ask me, I think that there were so much corruption in the colonial period because of 1) Abusive leaders 2) Poor communication 3) Fear 4) Oppression 5) Etcetera.

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    Out from under the Queen's thumb. Easy to make up new rules and lie to the Queen. Keep money for yourself and not send it all back to England.

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