What is craigslist? How does it work?

I've heard that you can make money from putting yourself on craigslist but I understand what it is.

And is it possible to make money from it? If so, how?

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    1 decade ago
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    Well - I'll start with the gruesome bit. You don't really want to put yourself on Craigslist. A woman was murdered a few weeks ago - some nutcase answered her ad offering massages.

    Craigslist is meant as an online version of the old classified ad section in newspapers. Local, cash only transactions. No shipping. Anyone who wants you to ship an item is a scammer.

    The only way to make money on the site is to sell your unwanted stuff. It's generally a good idea to either meet in a public place like the local police station parking lot or have some of your more sturdy male friends around when you make the transaction.

    I just buy furniture off of Craigslist - and great deals. No problem.

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