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Loosing Weight over the summer?

Heading pretty much sums it up. I'm 16 and I'm a bit cut loose and i want an easy way o loose weight over the summer. I also want a way to reduce my acne over the summer too cause its on my face back and chest =(


Thanks for all the help guys (and gals :)

Please don't post advertisements as I'm only 16

and I have no credit card to buy those items with

and is half an hour of walking ever day and an hour of swimming every week ok for exercise?

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    Hello! Well, staying away from foods that gain more fat is kind of hard. It tastes good and you eat it because of that reason. But you can still eat good food and this time it's healthy!! Here are some good food choices to eat for summer, or maybe even call it a diet.

    Apples - They are juicy and sweet, but they are good for you

    Sandwiches - You put lettuce, meat, and cheese on it and no fat stuff

    Veggie Pizza - It may sound gross, but it's really good

    Cooked Carrots - Yum yum yum!! Put a little of butter ( margarine )and it tastes pretty good!! It also helps your eyes.

    So just stick to the healthy stuff and eat a full healthy meal!!

    The next thing is what a lot of people do. Exercise. The first thing that comes to your mind when I say exercise is probably " Hard Work. " But trust me, it isn't! You can exercise by

    Playing Tag

    Running Around

    Going to the Gym

    Talking walks

    Using an Exercise Ball

    Doing Push Ups / Pull Ups

    Jumping Jacks


    Anything that has your body moving!! Make sure to drink a lot of water in case if you get really dehydrated!! So what I'm saying is you just need to move. Maybe set a exercise schedule over the summer.

    Set a goal!! Maybe loose 5 pounds every 1 week - 2 weeks

    DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF!! You need to eat!!

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    this isnt good for u, but i lost a lot of weight in 2 weeks...

    the only meal i ate was dinner, and i had 5 bottles of 600m water a day. at night i would run 5km.

    after a week after not doign that i put the weight back on though, but i looked good for school photos =]

    its not very good for you though, malnourishes u a lot especially if the meal at dinner isnt nutricious...

    if u want to do a normal diet like, fruit and veg only 3 times a day run 30 min or whatever, u will lose weight but u will only notice small changes after 2 weeks, and then when u hit 6 weeks if u have been continuous u should start to see changes. if u keep that routine up, which is easier to keep then my one, thne u should keep the weight off...

    if i was to do the one i did again... before dinner, i would have a redbull, they stimulate ur metabolism, and would give me more energy for the run... the only reason i didnt i dont think when i was on that strict diet was because i thought if i run with no energy it was use the fat as fat is stored energy... but idk aye... also have u heard of interval training, thats the fast way to lose fat whilst running, look it up on youtube or something, ive never tried it but i can see how it works...

    also the ance thing, I use cetaphil, it seems to work most of the time... another thing is that u may sweat when u sleep, im 16 aswell and i sweat a lot when i sleep, i didnt used to change my bed sheets often, maybe liek once every month or something, till i found out that that is a major contributor to acne...

    so change ur pillow case, sheets and stuff because the oil u sweat out stays in the sheets.

    hope that helps =]

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    Enjoy the summer weather by going for a walk every day. THe exercise will help and the fresh air will give you loads of energy and really help your skin. But because of the heat, the sweat might actually not help your acne; use a mild cleanser daily and don't EVER pick or scratch at any of the pimples.

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    Walk for 30 minutes a day. You'll be SHOCKED at how much you can lose that way. Also consider cutting small things from your diet. I stopped drinking soda for a few months and lost more than 5 pounds without doing a thing.

    For the acne I recommend a site called LUSH. I use the "Ocean Salt" and it cleared my skin up right away!

    Good Luck!

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    well. dont start about calories. theyre actually the measure of how much energy is in what you eat, along with the carbs and such. instead, limit sugar. make sure you treat yourself once a week. if you mess up do something you hate to sort of punish yourself but dont strain yourself. dont workout too much because muscle weighs more than fat does. basically you can cut down a little bit but make sure you eat enough. fruits n veggies. less meat actually does help you lose weight. thats why most vegans are skinny as a stick. i hope this helps somewhat :D

  • Taylor
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    Start jogging/ gym/ swimming. Wash your face frequently with soap. The sun should also help your acne. You may want to watch your diet aswell, eating complex carbs and lots of syntetic chemicals isn't good for you. I'm 17 and looking to do the exact same thing, I'm personaly trying to swim a kilometre in my pool each day.

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    sun and drinking water helps skin or antibiotics from the Doctor if its serious, Weight can be so easily lost by eating less and moving more, its that simple

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    same here for losing weight ovr summer. haha anyways just do whats best for you and excercise alottt. get proactive or soemthing

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    I play tennis everyday... That helps and its fun!!

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    eating healthier can help both those things

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