Birthday party games?

For a 2 year old girl. Mostly adults at the party. Do you know of any fun and cute games that arent complex and easy to do. If it helps she likes elmo and soccer. Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is going to sound out-there, but can't you hire costumed people for parties? You could simply have them there, or get them to play soccer with your daughter, maybe? If I were still 2, I think I'd enjoy playing soccer with Elmo.

    Then again, you could make the party Elmo themed and have games involving soccer (or vice-versa). You could have Elmo music playing in the backgound, for example.

    This may sound insensitive, but she won't remember this party well because of her age, and when you're younger things seem much more exciting than they are for adults. So don't overdo the party. Her vivid imagination will make up for any things you think may be 'flaws'.

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