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The story of Lilith, Adam and Lucifer (Christians)?

So I was researching Christianity and I came across this story that I have never heard before. That Lilith was Adam's first wife and that she wasn't made from part of Adam so they were considered equal. When they made love Adam wanted Lilith to lie below him but she refused because she thought they were equals and should do everything equally yada yada

Adam and Lilith complained to god and either she left on her own or god kicked out (doesn't say which one) After she left Eve was created. Lilith met Lucifer after she left and they became lovers and she became the demon queen and that's where the first demons came from.

Some versions also say that she was the one who took the form of a serpent and not Satan. either out of spite/jealousy or doing Satan's bidding

For one reason or another when the church was making the bible they decided to leave this story out

what do you guys think of it?

Now I personally loved Lilith for her independence and she just may be my favorite mythical character ever but that's just me


For the people saying she never existed, How do you know?

Wasn't she in the Torah (I think?)

If they had decided to include her you would have believed but they didn't. For whatever reason

You strongly have to suspect their motives in not including it. If they somehow knew it wasn't true or something else

Update 2:

Vadalia- Thanks so much for the info! I didn't know that, that was intresting

Especially the big about God trying to kill her children. I know killing human children is wrong but really, if someone killed your children you'd be pissed

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    You have the legend basically right. But you have the history very wrong.

    It was not "left out" of the Bible. Lilith was a Mesopotamian demon associated with storms and disease and death. She probably first appeared around 4000 BC and the actual name around about 700 BC. There references in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Talmud are to this demon.

    However, it is not until *medieval* Jewish folklore (earliest mention is "The Alphabet of Ben-Sira" I believe) that the twist of her being Adam's first wife began to appear.

    So, these stories could not be left out of the Bible because the stories weren't created until long after the Bible was written and codified.

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    Story Of Lilith

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    The story of Lilith was borrowed from the legends and myths of peoples who lived near the Israelites. There was no Lilith in The bible.

    In many of the tales of Lilith (according to the original sources, those from which the story of Adam's first wife was borrowed) Lilith was a baby eating demon. That seems to be a common them in all legends except one. The Hebrewised form of Lilith that was never part of The Bible.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    The story of Lilith, Adam and Lucifer (Christians)?

    So I was researching Christianity and I came across this story that I have never heard before. That Lilith was Adam's first wife and that she wasn't made from part of Adam so they were considered equal. When they made love Adam wanted Lilith to lie below him but she refused because she...

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    Adam, like me, was from the sun, and Lilith from legend was from night, the moon. She abode in water and Adam upon the earth. Weird, but I met this woman and was lured into her domain. I had known her since time began, I traveled far to meet with her, and her beauty was beyond measure. We were one and then the same thing happened all over again that was described in legend. Is she a demon? is she an angel? or is she a real being? Yes, she is all three and still very much alive.

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    No, no, no, no. That is so wrong.

    Everything that is in the Bible is suppose to be in the Bible. It is forbidden by God to even take or leave stuff out in the Bible. God simply stated that if anyone took or added to the Bible then He would take their name out of the Lambs Book of Life and He said that in the Bible.

    You have to be careful about false doctrines like that. The only stuff that is true is the stuff in the Bible because it's God's Word and God's Word is true. If you read your Bible it simply says that Adam and Eve were the first two humans who ever lived. Since His Word is true than Lilith never existed.

    And Demons are all the Angels that decided to follow the Devil's lead in rebelling against God. Of course he was Lucifer then. Fallen Angels are those who came down from Heaven to Earth without God's permission and slept with humans. You can read that in the Bible.

    So really the Bible is the only reliable source. People make up stories like that to entertain and it is simply believed over time. DO NOT fall for it!!!

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    Sadly enough, there are also stories that God sent 3 angels to earth to kill 100 of Lilith's children (sired with demons, I believe) each day. Lilith reacted by saying she would, in turn, kill 100 human children in revenge (this story was likely an explanation for things like SIDS back in the olden days) However, being a mother, she had enough compassion to say she wouldn't kill any children whose parents adorned them with a pendant that bore the names of the 3 angels that were killing all her kids.

    Other fun facts- though many legends claim she was kicked out because she wouldn't lie beneath Adam, others say that she left after Adam raped her (because of her refusal) Other stories say she wouldn't have sex with Adam because she caught him having relations with various animals in Eden.

    Fun little tale, huh?

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    Lilith is totally UN-scriptural

    it's pure fiction

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    read it. she's not one of my favorites - not even close.

    edit: she is in the dead sea scrolls and the talmud (Midrash Abkir), she is referrenced in the kabbalah, by sumer, and in arabic folklore. In the KJV bible, she was mentioned once (isa. 34:14), but through later translations has been changed to 'screech owl'.

    In Hebrew tradition, an amulet inscribed with the names of three angels (Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof) was to be placed around the neck of newborn boys in order to protect them from the lilin until circumcision.

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    yes all sexy women where demons, sluts or baby eaters. Actually they were just sexy women like Gods wife Ashera....Godess of fertility......conveniently left out

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