What are some examples of supernatural activities?

I would like to contact a non-human thing, but I'm not sure how. First I need to know if these are even supernatural activities and if I should even bother trying to contact the non-human thing.

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    Paranormal activity includes any unnatural phenomena that cannot be explained by present-day science. Generally, paranormal activity refers to something that exceeds the limits of what is physically possible. Examples of paranormal activity include levitation, ghosts, hauntings, EVP, ESP, telekinesis, and telepathy.

    Paranormal stories have been told for thousands of centuries, across all cultures and languages. Ironically, paranormal activity seems very “normal,” especially when you consider the length of time (throughout history) that such “paranormal events” have

    been occurring. Some researchers believe that paranormal activity is commonly found

    in places where there have been traumatic or dramatic events. It is argued that these traumatic/dramatic events leave a strong “energy fingerprint” on a particular location, which may contribute to paranormal activity, such as residual ghost hauntings.

    Electronic tools such as EMF readers usually show stronger-than-normal electromagnetic fields when a paranormal entity (such as a ghost) appears. These electromagnetic fields may generate enough energy to allow the ghost to partially materialize. Regardless of how paranormal activity occurs, it is always an eye-opening experience to witness something that modern-day science has difficulty explaining.

    Paranormal activity is often denounced by skeptics who feel that everything can be explained by science. Unfortunately, many die-hard skeptics have their beliefs challenged once they witness paranormal activity that they simply cannot explain. Take a

    die-hard skeptic to a real-world haunting and see if he still views things the same way afterward. There's nothing like firsthand experience - especially when it comes to paranormal activity

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    Oh, um, let's see...examples of supernatural activities...

    Well, there's the...no, wait, that was proven to be false.

    Oh, there's the time that...ah, nope, that one was proven false, too.

    Um, well, there's that time that those guys...darn, nope, not that one either.

    Hmm. Nope, there is none. No examples of any kind. All of them have been shown to be in somebody's mind, natural things assumed to be supernatural, frauds, hoaxes, etc. Sorry, can't help you.

    No need to bother to try to contact a "non-human thing."


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    First, you have to be important enough for them to want to talk to you, and then you have to wait on hold for like 20 minutes.

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