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Why does my laptop freeze when playing Sims2?

I got my Dell Inspiron 1525 in Feburary and for some reason the Sims2 always is freezing everytime i try to play it. I play Spore and it works fine i play it and its fun! But the Sims is more fun. people say "o just get life stories" but i plan on getting Sims 3 and it wont work on my computer! How can i make it wokr and how can i fix it i am not good with computers. What can i buy or do to fix it and not make my computer slow or anything?


(try to use small words because i cant understand compyter language!)

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    Well first I would check for compatibility issues.

    Go to this site and scroll down to "The Sims 2"

    It will analyze your system and tell you if you are lacking in anything.

    Other than that perhaps your laptop is overheating.

    Get a can of compressed air and try and clear the dust off the laptop's vents AKA the fans might have some blockage.

    You may also want to get a cheap laptop cooler for $15

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    im not really good with computers either...but im think the problem is your laptop simply can't handle the graphics...i play sims 2 on my laptop which has higher specs then yours and even i have problems playing it, i can only play for about an hour then it goes really slow and freezes. There's nothing you can really do other then buy a better laptop or a desktop pc....

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    When your computer slowed down, you should give it a good spring cleaning. There are some program which are specially designed to solve this problem, and Perfect Optimizer is a good choice.

    Here is the software to do so:

    It does a real good job. It will get Full Optimization for your PC in a minute and you will get faster PC, more disk space, all unused files removed and all issues broken fixed.

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    upgrade your video/graphic card (main item to be able to play latest video games, witout freezing)


    upgrade your ram, check your computer, what is your RAM space (go to my computer, right click, proptery, the info are in there)

    as iam concerned, the sims 3 require atleast 2 or 4 GB Ram , Intel Core Duo (check wikipedia, the sims 3, below, there are windows requirements)

    made sure, you update everything, (go to IT specialist for assistance), that is what i do, coz i hav no idea about computer as well lol

    Source(s): waiting for the sims 3 too! hehe
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    Well if the graphics card simply couldn't handle Sims 2, then it sure as hell wouldn't be running Spore..... and that would mean the same is true for the memory.......Try uninstalling and reinstalling Sims 2, you may have corrupted core files......

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    hm I can't really answer your question but the sims 2 freezes on my desk top as well. I'd guess it's more the game than the computer.

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    maybe it has something to do with you software......



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