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What is the difference between "Houd van jou" and "Ik hou van jou?"?

I received this phrase on im and everywhere that i searched it stated "Ik hou van jou" as "I love you" but i did not see "houd van jou." Just wondering what the difference is between "hou" and "houd," if any. :)

Thanks in advance.

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    Well, the grammatically correct way to write "I love you" in Dutch is "Ik houd van jou". But since you don't pronounce the "d" in "houd", a lot of the Dutch neglect it and leave it out. And "Houd van jou" isn't correct, it has to be "IK houd van jou". In speech or conversational chat we sometimes say "houd van jou" (abbreviated as "hvj") but written, it would be considered incorrect.

    Source(s): I'm Dutch.
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