Info on Sims 3 job salaries?

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I'm just wondering if anybody can give me a list of the daily pay of all the jobs in the game at level 10. Specifically the Business track. Oh and feel free to give me your more
Update : Ok I have the game so other people must have it too. i have a legal more
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  • Owen answered 5 years ago
Well I know that level 10 sports career, you get just under $500 an hour, more like $490.
You work 6 days a week, but only work for 3 hours. Also, on Wednesdays and Sundays, you have matches, and you dont get paid for playing matches, so you pretty much only get paid $6000 a week.


I've played it :D
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  • sicornballer answered 5 years ago
    I have been looking on many, many websites trying to find this list, but it's going to take a while for other people to create lists. But the best one I got was top of the medical career. Once I hit the top I was making 3,500ish a day. Once the job performance meter is at the top you get a $48 raise that is permanent. Currently I am making 5,700 a day working 4/7 days a week from 9AM until 2PM. I heard the top of the military was good too, but no confirmations yet.
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    I've found that being a Writer (working from home on novels) you can make the most simoleons per week.

    Writing "Romance Novels" you can pump out about 3 per week (once you've gotten the prolific writer achievement) and each novel gives you ~4000-5000 in royalties per week for 6 weeks (for a total of over 30k in royalties per book).

    At the top of my career I was making just under 50k per week. Total lifetime earnings was 300k-ish.

    Only negative point is that if you write a book in the last weeks of your life, you'll only collect royalites up until you die. You'd actually collect no money at all if you were to write a book and not live to see the next Sunday at 12:00 when the royalties roll in.


    Personal Experience in 3 career tracks up to level 10 (sports, business, and writing - although it doesn't have its own career track)
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  • E.H. answered 5 years ago
    The game isn't officially released until tomorrow, so you'll have to wait at least a day or two before that information becomes available.
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  • Amy answered 5 years ago
    I haven't seen anything so far that shows their salaries but once I get the game tomorrow I can let you know.
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