If creationists believe that evolution states that humans came from monkeys...?

Then clearly you are not informed enough to make a decision on the topic. I see Christian creationists saying this a lot here and on other forums. What gives? Do you really think that this is what evolution is all about?


Quote: "Oh and you forgot that big Bang came from nothing and Big Bang is the same Theory as Evolution."

Yet talking snakes and donkeys, enormous boats that can hold every species on the planet and men who can walk on water make perfect sense to you? Riiight.

Update 2:

I know that you don't believe that, I'm just using your quote as an example.

Update 3:

@Heavenbound: Theories do not think, feel or rationalize. A theory explains how things in nature operate. No scientists believes that the theory made us. You really have no idea how ignorant you are making yourself sound.

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    They also seem to feel that because life won't spontaneously generate inside a peanut butter jar before their very eyes, that this somehow disproves evolution (not caring that it only comments badly on abiogenesis, but does nothing to contradict evolutionary biology), and they think bananas are the result of God, rather than centuries of human selective breeding for traits we desire. I wouldn't put too much stock in anything they say.

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    Why do you rant about this and try to deny the scientific proof?!!

    Primates are mammals that include lemurs, monkeys, apes and humans.

    The Strepsirrhini, or “wet-nosed” primates, which include lemurs and lorises, branched off around 63 million years ago.

    Old World monkeys and apes divided from New World monkeys about 40 million years ago.

    Aegyptopithecus zeuxis, which probably resembles the common ancestor of New World monkeys and apes, lived about 29 million years ago.

    The apes split from Old World monkeys about 25 million years ago.

    Humans and chimpanzees diverged 5-7 million years ago.

    So yes on each split the original got left behind to stay as it was! But why do you think they were unlucky? I am sure that many of the "left behind" species are perfectly happy as they are and that there are a good many humans that would not mind trading places with them!!!

    Of the macaque's nearly 3 billion DNA base pairs, 93.5 per cent are identical to those in the human genome. This is not unexpected for a species whose lineage diverged from our own about 25 million years ago. The human and chimp genomes, which diverged just 6 million years ago, are about 98 per cent identical.

    One puzzling discovery is that several mutations that cause genetic diseases in humans - such as phenylketonuria and Sanfilippo syndrome, which lead to mental retardation - are the normal form in macaques and, presumably, our own ancestors.

    The Pope, Catholic Church, Church of England and mainstream churches all accept evolution and the big bang!!

    Lord Carey the former Archbishop of Canterbury put it rather well – “Creationism is the fruit of a fundamentalist approach to scripture, ignoring scholarship and critical learning, and confusing different understandings of truth”!!

    Nice that christians and atheists can agree and laugh together even if it is at your expense!!

    Source(s): University of California, Santa Cruz. Baylor College of Medicine, Texas
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    If there was a Big Bang, then who built and lit the "Big Fuse"? If everything on earth evolved from the same group of lifeless chemicals, where are all the fossils of the "in-between", unfinished, creatures? Also, how did this group of chemicals create life with some creatures spinning webs, others with stingers, and all the various plant and animal species? Yes, things do evolve but they have to start. Besides, if you were a monkey, would you want to evolve into an atheist?

    As far as talking snakes and donkeys, what you propose is a talking monkey/ape who evolved into a man, right? And how about that Jesus Lizard?!

    Source(s): "God the Evidence" by Patrick Glynn former atheist "It Couldn't Just Happen" by Lawrence O. Richards
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    1 decade ago

    When I see somebody here who claims that evolution "says we came from monkies [sic]", or uses the term "evolution" to refer to things like abiogenesis or the Big Bang, or says "It violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics", then I know I'm dealing with a misinformed idiot.

    Heck, IRev Einstein keeps posting the same 3 quote-mined quotes even after he's been called on his BS a dozen times.

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    Oh and you forgot that Big Bang came from nothing and Big Bang is the same Theory as Evolution.

    What do you expect, on average the people who espouse this are on the cheapest seats of the education train.

    Edit: I think you proved your point with heaven bound's answer, she thinks we were created by a theory. No wonder she thinks it's rubbish.

    Education is not her friend.

    Edit2: Talking snakes, wtf LOL I'm an atheist.

    I think you didn't read my answer correctly.

    Irony, get it?

    Edit3: OK, wipes brow, you had me worried there, praise the lard.

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    Well, the story of creation in the bible is not real. The person who wrote the story tried his best to describe how God created the world. I think that the theory of evolution is right.

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    1 decade ago

    We didn't even evolve from monkeys at all. People say this all the time, but we evolved from apes, first of all.

    And yes, I see your point. Most creationists do not know anything of the theory of evolution.

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    Even if it was proven that Humans did not come from the same ancestor as monkies, evolution would still remain untouched. We are constantly reassembling the tree of evolution (or whatever its called) anyway.

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    1 decade ago

    Are you nuts? Creationists believe and know that we were created by God, not by some stupid theory of evolution. Where do you people come up with this garbage? Its a total and complete lie.

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    1 decade ago

    They tell off on themselves when they say that and don't now it.

    Pass the spaghetti.

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