Issues on modern day queens, new york? please help!?

i am doing a social studies project about modern day queens. can anyone help me? i already put down swine flu, construction fo citi field, and you know ion flushing, they are constructing a condo/mall building? does anyone know what that is called? and can people give me more suggestions about modern day queens? it could be good or bad

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    overdevelopment is a huge issue over here in bayside, flushing and surrounding areas.. over the past years ive seen many beautiful, historic 1 family colonial homes get bulldozed and replaced with generic looking MCMansions (large 2-6 family homes on small plots of land with fedders air conditioners and shiny metal gas metars prominently displayed, paved over lawns, with little to no grass/trees)

    hers an example of a house down the street from mine

    and thats one of the better ones!

    but greedy f*ckface mike bloomberg would rather see our towns history demolished than to displease the developers..(sorry for the little rant)

    mcmansions arent only ugly, they are poorly built, sometimes have up to 20 air conditioners in one house and add cars in the neighborhood(creating a HUGE carbon imprint) promote illegal housing,destroy trees and greenery. the worst is that they take the place of beautiful, efficient 100 year old homes who dont need to be demolished at all.

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    Source(s): native new yorker for 18 years
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    Well, just off the top of my head, there's the fact that Queens is one of the most diverse places on Earth - even more than the rest of NYC. And everyone gets along pretty well, too. On the less positive side, the elementary schools in Queens can be very overcrowded. There is some of the worst school overcrowding in Queens.

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    why not find out what they are going to do with Shea Stadium and write about that.... write about the site of the 64 World's Fair that was in queens or the US Open Tennis Championships at the Arthur Ashe center in Corona, Queens...or you could write about all the different cultures that are setting up little neighborhoods in Queens - - like little Korea over in Flushing on Bowne and Northern Blvd.... Lots of things to write about

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