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why are mountain bikes not as good as road bikes for cycling on the road?

plz give as many reasons as possible?

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    Why Mountain bikes aren't as good:

    They're heavier. More rolling resistance. Power loss due to shock/suspension fork. Geared lower, so lower top speed. You can't wear lycra.

    Reasons they are better:

    More stable. Burn more calories. Less skittish on slippery surfaces. Fork/shock can absorb pothole hits. Can jump off of curbs with no fear in breaking rims. Can make shortcuts through a field or median. Generally more comfortable riding position.

    I ride a road that has a 12% grade, and 45 mph can scare me on my road bike (speed wobbles) where my MTB cruises that speed so smoothly...

  • Lynne
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    4 years ago

    Road cycling is more easier than mountain biking

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    They are just as good, but are not as fast. Many people ride mountain bikes on the road.

    That said, relative to a road bike, a mountain bike is:

    - heavier

    - greater rolling resistance from knobby/large/lower pressure tires and smaller diameter 26" wheels

    - different gear range (more suited to climbing steep hills)

    - typically only has one hand position, so more tiring to ride on long trips

    - less aerodynamic riding position (more upright)

    - suspension is heavy and reduces efficiency

    On the other hand mountain bikes are better suited to rough pavement/potholed city streets (particularly with treadless/slick tires), and disk or V brakes can be better than road caliper brakes in wet weather.

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    1. Because they are much heavier, mountain bikes have suspension and are designed for dirt/mountain riding, the equipment and tyre thickness needed to do this makes the bike alot heavier than a road bike. Riding a road bike on the road is much smoother and more fun.

    2. Because the thick 'nobbly' tyres affect grip on the road and make it weird to ride

    3. Because you've never rid both on the road.

    4. Because i'm way cool

    5. NO

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    an off the shelf mtn bike is as they have stated. but this doesn't mean you can't change out tires and tubes, adjust stem. and ride road. i have an 18-1/2 lb mtn bike with susp fork that rides quick on semi slik tires. and you can get susp for road bikes. riding road is different fun than riding dirt. if you learn to pedal properly the susp fork on a mtn bike will not rob you of speed or energy. where it robs energy is if your bobbing and bouncing on bike when you pedal.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you want to ride mountain bike on the road it is ok but they were not designed for that use.

  • Jacob
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    1 decade ago

    * they physically weigh more

    * they have more rotating weight; tires, cranks, wheels, rotors...

    * they have lower gears for power and climbing instead of higher gears for speed

    * knobby, wider tires have more rolling resistance. makes it more difficult to pedal.

    * mountain bikes are less aerodynamic creating more drag with the upright riding position

    * fork/shock (suspension) absorb energy you want to go to the pedals

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    Geometry is very different.

    Wheel size is different.

    Gearing is different.

    Tire design is different.

    Rider position is different.

    You don't need suspension on the road.

    Weight... it might or might not matter much as many say, but it's part of the package

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    The knobbly tyres make it hard work cycling on roads long distance!

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