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Should the larger energy consuming countries be looking into geothermal power?


No answers in the appropiate category and this is my spiritual home.

Update 2:

Did you see that Fireball? I answered your question before you asked it. That's how predictable you are.

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    Absolutely. As with all alternative energy sources, some places will be better than others.

    Actually, I believe some countries are pursuing geothermal (you might also see it as "Hot Rock Energy"). It's a pretty good idea, from what I've read. They wouldn't need to dig as deep as they do for some oil wells and the energy is almost completely clean while using few resources (if it is a closed loop).

    I say hell yeah. Wind farms in the plains. Solar fields in the desert. Tidal energy on the coasts. Geothermal all over the place.

    lol@your Fireball pre-emptive strike!

    The person below me is way off. Way, way off.

    Miss Cachette does raise some valid concerns.

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    Not from personal experience but from what I've heard the plates are enormous and, being filled with food, the portions must be, too. All of which must contribute to waste, not to mention the increasing size of the consumers. Having an old fashioned hearty appetite is only acceptable if the energy is going to be used up. The modern interpretation of a hearty appetite should be to eat healthily for the benefit of said heart. There should be no embarrassment or shame in sharing a plate of food or using a doggy bag. If it's paid for, eat it or take it.

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    It is something to consider, but there are limitation to this as with any other power source. Some countries just don't have much in the way of geothermal activity within the boundaries of their country. While this is great for Iceland and Greenland, most countries, especially the larger energy consuming countries such as China and the U.S. don't have many geothermal energy site to tap.

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    They have been looking at geothermal for years now and nothing so far. I have also read all the windmills and green energy will only take care of about 1% of Americas energy needs. Looks like nuclear is the only way to go.

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    our new county house of corrections will be using geothermal power. costs a bit more up front, but the potential savings after 3 years is a major plus. yes, they should.

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    I know so little about this, that I really shouldn't answer, but...

    Isn't there a danger of gases getting into the environment? (contributing to global warming, acid rain,etc)

    I read that hot water can contain trace elements of dangerous elements like mercury and arsenic that can potentially contaminate water sources.

    "Contruction of power plants can adversely affect land stability in the surrounding region" (triggering earthquakes)

    Just sayin'.

    Source(s): Wikipedia - Geothermal power
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    Do you know how geothermal power works? It is so ineffective and money-consuming... it's much better to just go nuclear.

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    Certainly, it might be noted that not everyone has their home built on granite.

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    Sure. Who do we invade?

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