Hellow, I'm a Japanese, have you ever heard that in 911, the new type of nuclear weapon was tested?

and the new one is , as it were, PURE HYDROGEN BOMB. In Japan, one of the leading jounalists is insinting that. What do you think of that?


it was a very small type , and made it possible to evaporate human being, there is a fact that many of dead bodies weren't found.

Update 2:

55 times of tritium was detected in the dust of the ruin

Update 3:

There was the scenario that someone frame up, as a result ,the US invade Afghanistan and Iraqi. so the US needed the plausible reason to attack. So it was the good chance both to test their new weapon and fabricate the plausible reason.

Update 4:

They got started their agenda"NEW WORLD ORDER". 911 was the inside job. Gotfather or Hidden Emperor is・・・David ロックフェラー

Update 5:

Not all the officials are traitorous. I mean only a handful of them, they have decieved even their own people.

Update 6:
Update 7:

Japanese old saying suggests"Good is only on remove from Evil" In a weastern style," God is only one remove from Satan. Thank you for a interesting discussion.

Update 8:

Oh, one more thing, some of the US officers who smelled it were died due to an accident or mysterious suicide etc. And the young man who had protested against David Rockfeller directly was found to be dead next morning on his bed. A hundful people who have MEGA POWER have controlled not only the US but also Japan. What should we do?

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    I'll store it with my man didn't land on the moon, Hitler is still alive, and the missing minutes of the watergate tape is alien contact theories(err BS).

    Did you watch it on tv when you got home from school?

    The idea behind a "pure Hydrogen Bomb" (I've done many reports on nuclear and thermonuclear bombs) would be to make a larger destruction than in original bombs so if it was a test, it would have failed horribly.

    And besides, it's not like we did the Manhattan Project in Chicago. If we were going to test it, we wouldn't have tried to destroy our economic capital and kill our own people. We're not in Africa.

    Wow, that last edit did it for me. You believe that the US wanted to go to War with Iraq SO BAD, it's people elected officials would kill our own and destroy some of the basic ideals that make up our country. You are a conspiracy theorist who makes random claims that cannot be proven or disproven because of their ambiguity and required "secretive" existence.

    Thats like saying, If i take an empty box and close it, Prove their is nothing inside the box when it is closed. Any action to test it would destroy the initial conditions, and therefore regular deduction shows nothing can be proved. Such things are the fallacies of logic, but I'm pretty sure our elected officials won't get very far if they didn't have the ideals of the people that support them. I can therefore (using ambiguous ideals) deduce that most conspiracies do not exist in the forms they are given, because most forms conclude that the officials are being traitorous (as does this one).

    Well, if most people in our government aren't traitors:

    Wouldn't one of them Slip up? Of the politicians I know, and I do know a few, they would be quick to spread any corruption information, so killing them off wouldn't solve the problem.

    That is the funniest youtube video I have watched in a while. Thanks for the link.

    But, if you though it would help your case, look at the conspiracy he suggests: That all major politicians are corrupted jewish powermongerers. But wait, didn't you just say you didn't believe ALL our politicians were corrupt.

    Considering our politicians switch power from high to low all the time: THATS CONFLICTING EVIDENCE.

    The building he shows deploding, he only shows the start of (which is identical to how the towers started). Error of comparison.

    I have watched many video's of large buildings deploding, and people usually don't deplode very large building, but at the bottom, u usually get the same effect seen in the twin towers.

    You suggest corruption, detract corruption, but our government is designed to weed out corruption, so any overwealming corruption, small or large, can't exist.

    A small amount of people: yes (but they must be only in one branch and you are suggesting multiple branches)

    Spread out corruption: No, Impossible.

    A healthy distrust of one's government is always good, but unrealistic conpspiracy theories are really out there.


    As long as you think these people that have MAssive Power deserve said massive power, there is no problem.

    In the US we elect our people, and will subsequently elect those that deserve massive power and can control it.

    I don't know about the corruption in Japan of government or of the style of elections and don't assume to know how to give you advice. Sorry. In the US we get involved and we put those in charge we want in charge, If you have that option, thats what I would do.

    In the US, we have been having massive protests to government spending, because most of the country doesn't like what the government is doing: (and I would've gone but I had plans most of those days)


    Thanks for the discussion as well. Tis Interesting.

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    Would be able to find amounts of tritium in the wreckage if it were a new era fusion bomb and the destruction wouldn't have been such as it is. Look at hiroshima pictures, look at WTC, the skyscraper would have been blown thousands of metres away from the initial blast.

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    I think that journalist is braindead moron, but hey, if it sells newspapers, let him believe what he wants.

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    can't be true otherwise more people would have died

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