cheats for lego star wars original saga ps2?


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    If you need cheats for anything i would reccomend, even if your not a member you can still get cheats just type in the game title and choose which console and it'll come up with your choices. Just click on the one you want and it should say cheats and codes.

    I went to the page and copyed the link for what I think you're looking for : OR:

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  • 1 decade ago

    After unlocking a character you still need to purchase it with "studs". The price is listed after the character. After Unlocking these there are still twelve locked charaters but they are unlocked by completing all of Story Mode.

    QYA828 - TIE Interceptor - 40K

    HDY739 - TIE Fighter - 60K

    NXL973 - IG 88 - 100K

    BEN917 - Ben Kenobi (Ghost) - 1.1M

    UFR293 - NOTHING

    NFX582 - Gonk Droid - 1,550

    HHY382 - The Emeror - 275K

    MMM111 - Imperial Guard - 45K

    TTT289 - Ewok - 34K

    HLP221 - Boba Fett - 175K

    GBU888 - Skiff Guard - 12K

    SGE549 - Palace Guard - 14K

    WTY721 - Bib Fortuna - 16K

    YZF999 - Gamorrean Guard - 40K

    VHY832 - Bespin Guard - 15K

    UGN694 - Ugnaught - 36K

    UUB319 - Lobot - 11K

    PLJ679 - NOTHING

    NYU989 - Snow Trooper - 16K

    CYG336 - Rebel Pilot - 15K

    EKU849 - Rebel Trooper (Hoth) - 16K

    YWM840 - Han Solo (Hood) - 20K

    SMG219 - Grand Moff Tarkin - 38K

    BBV889 - Imperial Officer - 28K

    NNZ316 - TIE Fighter Pilot - 21K

    BNC332 - Death Star Trooper - 19K

    UCK868 - Beach Trooper - 20K

    CVT125 - Imperial Spy - 13,500

    PEJ821 - Tuskan Raider - 23k

    YDV451 - Sand Trooper - 14K

    JAW499 - Jawa - 24K

    NAH118 - Greedo - 60K

    VAP664 - Imperial Shuttle Pilot - 29K

    PTR345 - Storm Trooper - 10K

    These are the only cheats that dont require purchasing in game

    Have fun.

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