Which cordless screwdriver for pine boards?

I want to use a cordless screwdriver for small home projects like pine shelves. Will I still need to use a drill for pilot holes or can a cordless screwdriver go directly into the wood without splintering? Price IS a consideration but I don't want a useless toy. (I watch a million home show but I've never seen this subject covered).

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    1 decade ago
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    Pine is a soft wood. You should have no trouble screwing into them without a pilot hole. They have screws with a tapered end that cuts into the wood "self piloting". This also does the trick. One trick is to not use a large screw gun and over torque the screw and strip the hole out.

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    1 decade ago

    I am an industrial contractor and I burn up many tools every year. Nothing you can do with pine wood will burn up your tool, so I would consider something cheap, like "chicago tools", or even a cheap black and decker, you do not need a professional grade tool and there is no reason to spend the money on one. Just find a little cheapo, you will be fine, Pine is very soft.

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    any type they all do the same thing

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