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Is America really pulling back from Israel?????????

I just wanted to know.


well I found out Obama may be doing something like that. He plans on visiting Israel but not visiting the leader or something like that which someone said is an insult to Israel.

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    Israel's population has been increasing.

    So to house every one, Israel has been encroaching onto Palestine land, evicting them to move elsewhere.

    Obama made it clear to Israel that they have to stop doing this.

    That that action is making the Palestinians angry.

    It would be no different that you having prime land with tree filled hills, and streams running through the property.

    Then the government using eminent domain so they could build resort hotels and golf courses.

    You'd be angry too.

    At this time, Israel refuses to cooperate so peace talks between Palestine and Israel are at a stand still.

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    You must be kidding! American politicians and media outlets will sacrifice their own children for Israel.

    Australia's Deputy Prime Minister and many other politicians are packing their bags for Israel in this month too!

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    It sure seems so. Obama is for the Muslims and is siding with them.

    It is a shame, but was predictable. There is a rumor that Germany may end up helping them, or pretend to.

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    probably not! we the people,have invaded iraq to build military bases to support the eventual invasion of iran,ordered by israel.the ultimatum was invade iran or israel would, so the plan was implemented by the 'bush administration and will be carried out very soon. the Templar's in jerusalem known as the 'learned elders of zion"own the COMMUNICATIONS rights in north and south america,so you might 'hear anything"..

    Source(s): israel is the "beast".. america is the false prophet".....'bible"...
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    that would be political suicide for any politician to pull back from israel

  • No, Just The Anointed One...But hey, he is a Muslim....

    Long Live IL DUCE.....

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    I sure hope not.

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