Death is certain... Life is not...?

We, truly, do not know the origins of life, nor do we truly "know" anything at all. The only thing that EVERYONE can "believe" in, is that one day, we will cease to be... alive.

Would you agree to this? I have yet to find, in my short span of 23+ years of living, anything else, that everyone believes will happen. No one "knows" what happens, necessarily, but they believe that no one has ever escaped the clutches of whatever it is that causes us to cease anyone's beliefs of what their definition of "life" really is...

So... What is everyone's take on this? Is it truly the only thing that is for certain, to everyone? Could this philosophy be a "foundation" or "ultimate answer" of sorts?

I am fairly determined that this phrase will be my first tattoo. But I am still curious to hear what other people think about the quote...


Life, to many people, has a different meaning. Many people's are similar, and yes, you can justify something as being alive. But when we are speaking of things that are for certain, life's challenges, and everything that we perceive, are never truly for certain, in any aspect.

In this sense, the phrase is using the word life, not in the definitive sense, but in the event of living a life. Therefore, everything pertaining to life, is never able to TRULY be understood, to everyone in the same manner, except death...

Everyone knows what someone who is dead is like...

They are not alive...

That is the only thing in life, that everyone agree's upon. The status of being dead...

Update 2:

Josh S- Knowing that I will be alive, until I die, is something that many people may disagree on. To be "alive" to one person, is different then another person.

For instance... you see me as getting a tattoo, being a bad thing. I see it as an artistic thing. Someone could interpret my life as being dull and dreary, and considered a void of life to them. To them, I am not alive and living, I am just a corpse... waiting for the all to well known and 100% agreed upon event, that we will all eventually die. Our bodies will become void of that which we all interpret as some kind of "life".

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  • 5 years ago

    You all people are lost. your have forgotten the purpose of life. however i tell you which is real but opposite to what you think

    @Life is certain but death is not (for all human)@

    Every person will be recreated again. Main thing is soul. When soul depart person is dead. An example is when you sleep then your soul partially switched off and you back again to life.

    So when person dies his soul goes to place where other souls are. and on judgment day every soul will be brought back and every person will be questioned about his life. Then he will get his place either paradise or hell. and then real life begins. The one who rejects his Lord command, he ll be punished forever in hell and one who obeys his Lord ll be entered into paradise and will live there forever. That was told to Adam (the first person).

    And your Lord gave clear message through prophets and his books and He send prophets to every nation. All prophets Adam, Abraham, David, Jesus, Moses and Last prophet Muhammad are choosen by your Lord. Any every prophet message was same to worship only him and obey him and return you ll get a life which is certain. Message was already there in bible, gospel and now in Quran. Because other books, bible, gospel etc are changed so your Lord send you the last book Quran and last prophet Muhammad. Now this has to be followed till last hour comes. And from the sign has been told and events we seeing around it s not far.

    Now is the time and i advice you to study Quran and you will find all the answers of your questions. And if you don t then you will be one of losers. YOUR CHOICE!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Religious persons believe that death is just the passing into another life, so they say death isn't the end of the trip. And life, as we could see on the Earth, is everywhere, even in the volcanoes, where some bacteria can live. So, why life couldn't be certain?

    Source(s): life itself
  • Josh S
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    what about knowing that you are alive and that you will be until you die? also, how is it that we know we will die? what if, by our 70th birthdays, give or take months or years, we all teleport to mars and leave a lifeless copy of us behind? or simply wake up from a dream...

    don't get a tattoo, that is unnatural. eat only fruit, nuts, and greens, while you're at it.

    ps. a lot of people look at death as a bad thing, but, we never know. :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Read Descartes Meditations. Here he defines life and self. As for the quote ???

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  • A.V.R.
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Death is certain only if there is life. So strive for no life. That is, live this so that no rebirth occurs. That is Nirvana.

  • B0X
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Death is certain, and so is life!0!

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes thats true.

  • 1 decade ago

    You are right.

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