My bi friend wants to have sex with me?

We've been best friends since middle school, and before we left for the same college we both had boyfriends back home, who we both are in long distance relationships with. Since hindsight is 20/20 I kind of noticed that we've always had some sexual tension btwn us; sometimes hug and then kiss on the lips...showered together. She asked to have sex with me and i kind of laughed it off. But during our sleep over last night she asked me really seriously again and even stripped and came on to me. After talking her out of it I got the impression that she thinks she can date her guy and have sex with me and it wouldnt be cheating cuz she's "bi". I'm tempted by her offer, but I love my bf way more, and I'm put off by her double dating attitude. How can I get it through to her head that its not ok, but also that its not cuz she's not attractive? And her bf is a good friend of mine...I don't want to see him hurt..but I don't want to tell him about this either (awkward + embarrassing...).

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    I really hate that attitude about "it wouldn't be cheating because she's bi". That's a bunch of bull...Let her know, that cheating is cheating. No matter what sex its with. I know it might be tempting but its something you're going to have to shrug off. If she wants you that bad, then she'll leave the guy. But just let her know that nothing is happening between you two until you're both single. I don't mean any disrespect by this comment, but if you're not monogomous, tell her if she wants it, she has to leave her dude. But my best advice would be just to lay it out straight. Tell her that her bf is a good friend of yours, and you don't want to hurt him. Give a wink and say " one day...." LOL. Good luck.

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    Start out slow. You can just pet and play with eachother, then move on from there as you decide is ok. Be sure you are both ok with it. If you move to anal, be very careful about having protection and use lots of lube. Use your fingers first to get the hole lubricated and used to having something in it. Don't just drop trow and shove it in. That will be painful and can cause tearing. Take your time and play with it first and it wont be as bad. Sex is just like anything else. It may be awkward at first, but eventually you get past that and really enjoy it.

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    It doesn't matter if it's a guy or a girl, if you are committed to a relationship and it is not "open" then it's cheating to sleep with someone else. It's not bad that your are curious about what it would be like to be with her, but if she were a guy, would you have the same question about what to say to him/her? If you want to experiment, either get the blessing of the men involved or break up and go for it. you would be surprised how much of a turn on it is for a lot of guys to think of their girls having sex with another girl. Your guy might like the idea.

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    Yea im a guy and it would be f u k d up if you were to have sex wit girl nd at da same time had yo man. lol HONESTY IS DA BEST POLICY! let her kno wus good and tell her to back off and you love yo man.

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  • Just tell her straight foward..its NOT right! Tell her to respect ur friendship and also to respect her relashionship with her bf....ummm thats all i can tell u! srry...hope i helped! :)))

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    Just tell her what you told us here. That you respect your boyfriend too much to do that.

  • thats cheating!!!! :( dont do it

    if she didnt have bf it would be a.o.k. tho!!

    if she breaks up with him do it

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    Just do it. Have some fun.

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    do whatever you think is best

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