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    Your proposal will definitely bring us a lot of advantages, (however, our return policy will be implemented only after the customer return the merchandise. Because of this reason, this proposal does not sound feasible at all).

    In order to appreciate your shopping with us, we decided to exchange the merchandises and 65% of the return postage. This proposal will fulfill your need of a mp3, and decrease your expenses at the best possible. I believe you will be satisfied for these arrangements.

    It is a genuine delight to know you, and thanks again for your understanding.

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  • Ka Man
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    His Excellency for the proposed program is indeed a major advantage of our side, # (but because of our return policy must be returned to customers only for the object. Therefore, the program difficult to implement.)

    However, in order to thank you for our consideration and support, we have decided to replace your goods, as well as the return of 65% of the cost of return. This is the program you may need to address the requirements of an mp3, so you can pay less. I believe you should be satisfied with such an arrangement.

    Am glad to know your friend, once again thank you to our understanding.

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