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The Lion and the Mouse (( 獅子與老鼠 ))

Once a great lion was sleeping in a wood. A little mouse happened to come and ran over his face. The lion awoke and caught the little mouse in anger, and was going to kill her. “ Oh, dear kind Lion!” Said the little mouse. “ Please forgive me. I didn\'t mean to do you any harm. Let me go. I shall return your kindness.’’

“ Ha, ha, ha,’’ laughed the lion. “ How can a little thing like you help a great lion?’’ “ Thank you very much, kind Lion! I hope I shall be able to do you a good return some day,’’ said the little mouse. Some time after this, the lion was caught in a trap. Just then the little mouse came along. At once she ran up to the lion, and said, “ You were very kind to me once. Now I\'ll save your life, and repay you the kindness which you showed me the other day.’’ Soon she gnawed the ropes of the trap with her sharp teeth, and the lion was happy to be free again. “ Thank you, little Mouse!’’ said the lion, and he walked away.





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    In the beginning, the big lion caught a little mouse. It set her free and the little mouse promised to return the lion’s kindness some day. The lion didn’t even expect the little mouse would save his life then. Someday, the lion was caught in a trap. The mouse came along, and cut the rope with her sharp teeth. Save the lion’s life in the long run. What a thought-provoking ending.

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