Any advice for when you feel that life is just completely worthless?

Any advice for when you feel that life is just completely worthless, people keep doing and saying mean things to you, you are constantly feeling really depressed, and you don't want to live anymore?

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    Life is all about finding worth, so if you can't find any, just keep looking!

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    Life is what you make it. It's not supposed to be happy, nor easy. At least not all the time. That would get boring after a while. Yes, there are mean, uncaring people in the world. There are also some wonderful people too. Seek them out, and start avoiding the nasty ones. If you're constantly feeling depressed, it's possible you have a chemical imbalance or just need some counseling or medication to get you through this rough spot. If you truly feel life isn't worth living anymore, you urgently need to talk to someone you trust. A parent, a priest, a friend or doctor. But please talk to someone and soon. Good luck.

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    Don't be hard on yourself...everyone feels a bit down from time to time. Life can get a little overwhelming at times, but there is so much that is wonderful and beautiful in the world (and other people) too.

    A few words of advice:

    Keep away from those negative people if you can. You don't deserve that kind of does. If you are still at school, perhaps look at other alternatives for studies. High Schools can sometimes be very cruel places but there are lots of other options. I'm presuming you're in Australia, so maybe check out TAFE colleges which offer Year 9, 10, 11 or 12. Or you could study through a correspondance course or through home education. Or just do an academic bridging course and study through Open Universities Australia. Your self-esteem is too valuable to have it shattered by insensitive people...and life is too short.

    Nurture youself...sometimes life is so busy that we don't make time for this. Pursue a special hobby, read an inspirational book, go somewhere beautiful, have a bubble-bath, etc. Have fun...but in a healthy natural way.

    Spend some time by yourself in nature. Even going to a local park or some beautiful gardens can be great: its very healing and helps us to slow down enough and look within. It can sometimes be a bit scarey to do this but its also very empowering.

    Look at your local library and check out some personal growth books books, as they may help you to discover some answers. Some good ones are: Feel the Fear and do it Anyway (Susan Jeffers); End the Struggle and Dance with Life (Susan Jeffers); The Road Less Travelled (M Scott Peck).

    Exercise: this is a well-known way to get a healthy lift when we feel down. Try cycling or swimming; join your local gym. Personally I find hiking (if you're reasonably fit) is a good way to exercise, as well as get out into nature and away from the city. If you join a bushwalking/ hiking club you can also meet nice people with the same interest.

    Make some positive new friends. If you're shy why not get some penfriends and write instead. A good internet site which my daughter used is Global Penfriends. Highly recommended!

    Find some worthwhile causes to get involved in, and which can help make the world a better place. Check out Oxfam (Community Aid Abroad); Greenpeace; the Wilderness Society; Amnesty Internation. There's heaps of others...just look around.

    If you're into spirituality, maybe check out different religions. They are all good but keep away from weird every path. Alternatively, yoga and meditation are a great way to get healthy...physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    Anyway, that's just a few ideas which I hope will be of some help. Feeling down can be a signal that something in our life needs to be changed, and an impetus to make some wonderful positive changes. So best of luck and follow your dreams!

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    The first thing that you need to do is address the depression. Get to a doctor and ask for help. Chances are they will give you medication to help, they should also refer you to someone that deals with this type of situation (psychologist).

    Until you do this all I can do to help is : concentrate on breathing in and out very slowly, this will help break your thought pattern. You need to stop thinking about dying and try and find reasons why you -need- to live. Do you have an animal of any kind? A best friend? Anyone that means a lot to you? A hobby? anything that you can swing your thoughts around on?

    A pen and piece of paper are fantastic tools. I used them when I was in your position 10 years ago. I needed to write down anything that I loved or I needed to do! It sounds dumb but it does works if you give it your whole attention.

    You -must- break you current thought pattern or it will only get worse and worse until it is totally out of control.

    You feel as though you don't want to live anymore but by asking us for help you are actually telling us that you really don't want to die and you want help to survive.

    The people that keep doing and saying mean things to you may not even realise what effect that they are having on you. It could also be that you are so mixed up and confused at the moment that you maybe actually misreading the tone of their voices or confusing their words.

    What ever it is it needs to be fixed -now- as soon as possible. Please find someone around you that you can trust. If you can't, use the phone to contact a help line and speak to them. They give fantastic advise and know who is available in your local area that can help you.

    Life should not be like this but sometimes it is. We need to find out what is causing it then fix it. I promise you things will get better once you get the right help and understanding.

    My thoughts are with you, please stay safe. Bubble130999

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    Hold on and tie a not, maybe your going in the wrong direction try praying, listening to word of God, ask God what he wants or thinks about your situation. People can really be mean but you can't let what people say about you build you up or let you down. Deep inside you have to know who you are, because people are people and subject to failure every time. Don't let yourself get to strung out on what others say about you, unless there is some truth to the matter and you believe their trying to help you. If this is the case, try not to be so defensive, If people are being mean because they can, get away from their negativity if you can, it's not good for your spirit. I feel if they are not putting food in your mouth and a roof over your head then what ever they say it's not that important, and even if they are they need to be respectful and have tact. I hope this helps you, because ultimately it's what God and you think that counts.

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    Make a list of the things you are thankful for. Think of the smallest things and the biggest things. Look around you at all there is left to discover in this world and in this life. You have to learn to let go of those who try to use you or hurt you and just feel sorry for them because they are miserable human beings. There will always be people who have bad attitudes and don't care about others, but then again there will always be people who do care,too. Think about this saying, "To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world" Think about it. That itself is reason to continue to live. Life is worth living! It changes all the time and the experiences and lessons are endless. You are the world to someone....don't take that away from them. Don't let difficult people ruin your life. This is your life and your chance to experience great things and small things alike. Both of which are important and can be life altering. Live for the adventure, the lessons and the spiritual growth that can be found in the smallest of things.

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    what you feel is very normal, in todays society many people are experiencing the exact same feelings. People no longer find fulfillment in the many material joys of life. They come to a place where it seems that nothing in life is worth anything. Believe it or not this is a good thing, it means that that person is ready to seek out the true purpose of their lives. To seek a true, lasting fulfillment that will reveal the real reason for why we are put on this earth. Check out the following videos, they might help you.

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    when i get to feeling hopeless and worthless and like my life really isn't worth living, i take a step back, ignore my emotions, look at my situation, and ask myself a series of questions.

    - why am i so upset?

    - does this situation/person/opinion really matter that much to me?

    - is it so important that i will let it drag me down? if it is, then why?

    - do i really want to die, just because of this?

    - is there a better way out of this situation?

    when i was younger, i went through a time right after a breakup, when i couldn't cope with the loss of such an "important" guy. the fact that my mother was psychologically and verbally abusive did not help me at all. i became very depressed and suicidal. i began to cut myself, and often resorted to harming myself when i felt upset, as a way of physically feeling my pain, therefore making it real. i often fantasized about my death, and how it would be so much better if i wasn't alive. i didn't realize it then, but right when i started thinking about hurting myself is when i should have gone to someone for help. it got to the point where i was hurting myself just to feel something, anything. i felt numb and cold and alone.

    then, one day, my little sister noticed the deep gouges and slashes on my arms. she then did something i will never forget and am eternally thankful for. she told my parents what i was doing.

    they immediately put me into counseling. i wasn't happy about the idea at first, and thought no one would be able to help me, and i even resisted my counselor's efforts to help me heal. they put me on some medication, and over time, i began to feel better. it really helped me to have someone neutral to talk to about all the things i couldn't say to my parents or family. i started to climb out of my hole, and back into reality.

    now, three years later, my scars have healed over, and my troubles of that time are long gone. i still have bad days when i feel depressed and fall back into my hole. but when that happens, i find someone to listen to me and tell me that my life is not worthless, that *i* am not worthless. i also have a little quote (or mantra, if you will) that i use when times get tough: "to everything there is a season, and this too shall pass."

    my point is that you should find someone you can talk to, be it a teacher, friend, counselor, parent, sibling, or even a complete stranger (you can always email me). talk to someone you can trust, who won't judge you for the way you feel. i hope my story helps... hang in there hun, you can do it! you are not alone.

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    Stay away with these people. That's what I would do. If it needed a change of job, or apartment then so be it. Start over and be warned of yourself. Always not judge others but judge yourself too.

    But feeling depress and don't want to live anymore is so untrue. If you can identify these as a problem, then you can also identify a solution and you are so aware that you can get out of it. ok?

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    Not wanting to live anymore is the worst thought that one lets into one's mind. No matter how hard times are, there is always something called Hope.

    And what you should do in moments of misery is to think of the good and positive things in life like your family, your friends, your happiest moments and stuff. Am sure things will turn out good that way. At least, you'll learn to smile through misery.

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    Yes, get counseling, especially if you are having suicidal thoughts.

    Check out news stories: there are many, many people alive today around the world, and even in the USA, that have it far worse that you do.

    Try to spend less time with negative people around you.

    Learn that it's not what they say or think that counts but what you think.

    This book can help you, if you will DO the written exercises in it:

    Also, if you can, a little voluntary work, helping others, can help you too, a lot.

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