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How to condition for a BJJ tournament?

I have a BJJ tournament coming up on the 20th. I'm a white belt and have being doing it for 2 weeks now. Iv been wrestling (folkstyle) for two years, and 1 year of judo. I have been "grappling" (submission, nothing official) for 2-3 years. My bjj instructor says he thinks ill do well and i shouldnt worry about conditioning. He used to be a head wrestling coach as well and knows how much you have to condition. I still dont feel comfortable going into a tournament without "conditioning" per say. I have BJJ 6 days a week for 3 hours a day. I stopped running 2 weeks ago, since i started BJJ. I would run 2miles in the morning and after dinner. Should i start running again? will it give me a significant advantage? Is there specific things i could be doing to help me not gass out? Ill be competing@ the 150lbs and below weight division. Thanks.

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    conditioning is SO important. rolling against a white belt with great conditioning is like rolling against a blue belt. great conditioning basically gives you a belt. you could start running again and i'm sure it would help, but honestly, it wont get you in shape for bjj. it will just get you in shape to run more. there are different kinds of "shape". there's running shape, there's basketball shape, there's hockey shape. you have to be in different kinds of shape when doing different sports. granted, cross training does help, but being able to run a long ways for a long time only goes so far in helping you condition for bjj. you need BJJ shape, and in my opinion, the best way to train conditioning for bjj is live rolling. i'm sure you do plenty of live rolling when you train. if you don't, make sure you get in about three to five rounds of hard rolling at the end of every training session before you hit the showers. look to go for about 5 min. with a minute of rest between rounds. kill yourself in the gym (conditioning wise) so that in the tourney when you get to that point that you should be dead tired and gassed you can take his back and choke him instead. ;) Good luck!

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    agreed! conditioning is huge, especially since at the white belt level, you'll be competing in 5-6 matches assuming you win your weight division. however, competing is quite different from rolling. imagine rolling hard, and then doing that again and again. often times, if you're too jittery, you'll end up wasting a lot of your energy before you get to the ground, so just try and relax (although as a wrestler you probably already have some personal technique for keeping calm). your 1 year of judo will definitely help your stand up game, especially against other white belts, and your wrestling gives you a decent enough advantage on the ground and will only help you.

    in terms of conditioning, here are a couple things you can do

    try rolling 7-8 5 minute rounds with a minute break in between for water.

    also, because white belt matches are almost always 5 mins, try rolling for 7-8 minutes -- you'll find your endurance increasing.

    another thing you can do is going against multiple opponents, but each time you tap somebody out, have someone fresh come in until you use up the full time in the round. start from standing each time.

    other than that, i'm sure whatever you used to do for wrestling conditioning should do.

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