Cement Bulk Transfer (Pneumatic) Calculation?

I'm doing a project wich required me to calculate the transfer rate of Barite & Cement from tanks to tanks. I've run couple of calculation but i'm not sure it is the correct one or not.

Please advise.


Thanks E...

the detail is as follow;

Pipe size = 5"

eductor = 1" c/w fluffer vlv

acfm = 631 @ 7 bar

but the most tricky part is the requirement of transfer rate is =80 ton /hr

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    Cement is normally a dry powder if the system is a screw the rpm x the screw pitch volume will get you there.

    If you used a forced eductor use the ACFM x percent of flow /air per cent

    If you used a vac system and had head and lift and pipe loss and lots of other losses. Just add up all that and get a feasible answer..when you ask get specific... From the E

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