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Why do my hands shake?

Why do my hands shake? They always seem to shake a little when I'm holding them up. However, they REALLY start to shake when I'm nervous. I remember one time I when was holding up a research paper. I began to read it to the front of the class. Everything was going well, but as I kept reading, I started to get nervous and my hands started to shake. Is this natural? Or do I need to speak to a doctor?

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    You may have a condition called Benign Essential Tremor.

    Essential tremor generally presents as a rhythmic tremor (4–12 Hz) that is present only when the affected muscle is exerting effort (in other words, it is not present at rest). Any sort of physical or mental stress will tend to make the tremor worse, often creating the false impression that the tremor is of psychosomatic origin.

    Tremor intensity can worsen in response to fatigue, strong emotions, low blood sugar, cold, caffeine, lithium salts, some antidepressants or other factors. It is typical for the tremor to worsen in "performance" situations, such as when making out a check at a checkout stand.

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    Relax, it's a very common normal problem with some people. Look and see if anyone in the family does the same or used to do it. This also runs in family's and can be outgrown. I also did this when I was in school. Just try to not get too stressed out whenever you know you're being watched by others. This is usually when it will really kick in. Try making light and laugh allot too. Laughter is called the best medicine because one of the advantages is that it helps relax you. Then keep a good and positive attitude and it should help. Try these suggestions and see if they help. Good luck and God Bless

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    by its because u have fright

    maybe u should see a Doctor but i think it is natural

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