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If crack cocaine requires powder cocaine to make it, why is it cheaper?

I read that in order to produce crack cocaine, you need powder cocaine. I also read that crack cocaine is cheaper than powder cocaine.

How do you make money of it?

So I have a very simple business question. Why would someone buy powder cocaine, spend the time to cook it and make crack, and then sell it for less than they bought the ingredients for?

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    The cocaine you use for making your crack is going to have twice as much baking soda by weight added to it to make your rocks. You immediately triple your weight right there. It's such a moneymaker because the "high" is much more intense and short-lived than snorting so you can expect lots of repeat customers.

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    Making Crack Cocaine

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    How To Cook Cocain

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    It's just another way to cut it down. But the new form that is created with the Baking Soda is smokeable. You get a tremendous rush that only lasts for a few minutes. You can actually snort crack (if you chop it with a blade). But the affect is nowhere near as good as the pure powder cocaine. The value of the CRACK is that it is in smokeable form. The value of powder is that you can snort it for a good affect, or shoot it through the veins (if your a high roller and want to flirt with death).

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    Crack cocaine is more potent than normal cocaine is. Which means that you need a much smaller doze of crack cocaine to have the same effect as normal cocaine.

    By making cocaine more potent and splitting it into many more dozes drug dealers can sell these dozes for less money and end up making more money than they would make by selling normal cocaine.

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    It's because the powder cocaine is diluted with things like gasoline draino and other fun ingredients. It's watered down, so to speak. You buy a kilo of cocaine, and produce10 kilos of crack - something like that

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    I believe because its basically "watered down", like if you bought a bottle of gatorade and kept watering it down, you can produce larger quantities of less concentrated gatorade.. Not that im experienced in this, thats just what my common sense thinks the answer would be.

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    cocian can also be cheaper because the seller adds flower to it, so they sell in bigger cauntities but for less money

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