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Dog Section: Shelter using designer dog names?

We went to the local shelter this past weekend to visit the dogs and the cats.

They received a b*tch and her litter of pups a couple of weeks ago - and they've fully weaned them and they'll all be ready to go in a few weeks.

[I happened to minorly fall in adoration with the lightest-coloured of the litter. Took ten minutes to leave her and be on my way! Oh the cuteness.]

So on the farthest end of the rows there were two dogs in side-by-side cages.

Starsky and Hutch.

Owner surrenders, with their tags and everything [uncommon in this area. Owner surrenders, at least].

Their paperwork stated their breed as "Puggle".

I did have a small "wish" to speak with the shelter about that; but I decided it most likely would not end well [and I wasn't in the best of moods anyway].


Do you think it's "right" for shelters to put the designer dog name on the paperwork - rather than one of the breeds, and "mix", or one of the dog breeds x other dog breed.



DJL - It's privately run.

Update 2:

Nikki -- I would agree with your statement, other than the fact there are are hundreds more breeds of dogs out there that *aren't* registrable with AKC.

Update 3:

DJL - They didn't raise the fee, actually. They never raise fees regardless of breed, age, or size. Altered and unaltered; they do change cost, of course.

Update 4:

Nancy - Because I'm smart enough to know when I can and can't take care of more dogs than I already have. I really don't see why I should adopt a dog simply because other people shouldn't "go through the hassle of housebreaking"... Ignorant, to say the least.

And I do, in fact, help out at the shelter. They call me up when they need help; and I go down as soon as I'm able. Next time, stick your thumb in your mouth and call Momma over for feeding time, hun.

Rude children now-a-days. *eye roll*.

Dutchman - Good to have you back! Thanks!

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    Okay Dutchman wins the best in show award, the answer is right on the money all right,,,AND GREAT TO SEE YOU BACK AS WELL

    Our shelter will not put the designer names on the card, they say mixed,and then on the card on their fences or cages, list the breeds they are mixed with if known....My shelter manager would also go over the wall after anyone of the workers that puts a designer name on the dogs area...she has made it clear, we are not in the business to place designer dogs, but dogs that need good homes...she has been at my shelter where I have volunteered for over 14 yrs now, she has been with us 11 yrs.

    And she would nail someone in a heart beat.

    I think you were in the perfect mood to get it said, go for it.

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    If they are a mix of a beagle and a pug - then they are what is known as a Puggle. Sadly, these mutts are adopted because of this "twist" on being designer and someone seeking a Puggle will adopt a Puggle. The funny part is, some people do not even know what a Puggle is, they just like the idea of owning a "designer dog".

    The shelter did nothing wrong, society has an unquenchable thirst for expensive mutt mixes. And if a dog is a mix that can be adopted - I say - let them use that name and pray someone thinks they are adopting an expensive designer dog. 1 less pooch at the shelter anyhow.

    On a side note, those who do know what the mixes are can tell by the name if this is a mix they want to adopt.

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    Who cares that she did all of that stuff? She is still, and always will be a backyard breeder. Real breeders DO NOT breed mutts. There is no such breed as Goldendoodle and their never will be. You sound like you are just trying to justify supporting a backyard breeder. Being a vet tech means nothing when it comes to breeding. If she really cared about breeding quality pups then she would be breeding high quality purebred dogs and entering shows and competitions with them. She is breeding dogs that are literally worthless in the dog world. You may not think she is breeding for a profit but, trust me, she is. She is no different from any other backyard breeder in the world. If you guys wanted a mutt then you could have, and should have rescued one from a shelter instead of supporting one of the prime reasons that there are dogs in shelters. I can not tell you how many times I walk down the halls of Animal Control and see an abundance of "poo dogs" and "doodles" that are scheduled for euthanasia because no one wants it.

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    Keep in mind that many of us with mixes have been calling them by "designer" names since long before "designer dogs" became popular with BYBs and pet shops. So my first dog over 15 years ago, was a "Wonder Dog" because everyone wondered what kind of dog he was, my second was a Pointsetter, and I currently have a Border Spaniel. Coming up with fun names for mixes you own isn't a crime (even though I've seen it treated that way here on Answers). I have a huge problem with "puggle" and other "designer dog" breeders when done irresponsibly, no problem with it when done with appropriate health clearances and other good breeding practices (yes, there are people who do that in the dog sport world). Shelters are a slightly different issue, but I'm inclined not to be too harsh, as they are in the business of finding homes for far too many animals, though I'd prefer they at least put (pug x beagle) next to or underneath "puggle." And keep in mind that most of the time, you're dealing with a best guess, anyway. One dog I adopted from a shelter was listed as Shepherd lab mix, was fully grown at 19 inches and 38 pounds.

    And if you weren't in the best of moods, how do you think the shelter workers felt after a hard day of doing a thankless job?

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  • I really don't see any problem with it. Most people would look at a Pug/Beagle mix and call it a Puggle anyways. If the name helps the dog get adopted then who cares if it's correct. I don't really see what harm it does when adopting a dog from the shelter.

    ADD: Some people are arguing that the person should know exactly what breed/breeds that they're adopting, but what about the Heinz 57 mixes? No one knows exactly what they're adopting with one of those.

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    I think you are absolutely right, but the shelter is probably using the designer breeds to categorize the dogs to encourage people to adopt them. There are still some ignorant people out there who think puggle for example is a real breed and would adopt a "puggle" over a dog categorized as a pug/beagle mix... that's my guess anyway.

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    It's probably a good idea, despite my disgust for the "designer dog" silliness: those two dogs are much more adoptable with the label "puggle" than they are listed as "beagle mix" or "pug mix."

    Anyone who knows anything about dogs knows that most shelter personnel are just guessing with they label mutts; my Honey was labeled as a "shepherd mix" probably because she has the tan legs of a GSD. However, NOTHING else about her says GSD; she has a moderate sharpei face, tail and loose skin, but those tan legs are the long slim legs of a sighthound. She has a soft, black sable double coat, and a shar-pei's soft ears. If I'd been filling out her paperwork, I'd'be listed her as a sharpei mix.

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    Puggle is not a breed, therefore it's not right to label a dog as a Puggle instead of a Pug x Beagle. "Designer" dogs are just a way for back yard breeders to make money. I would mention it - politely - to the manager that "designer" dogs are causing a big problem for pet over population.

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    I've almost run into this issue at work. We had a few intakes, two "Cockapoos" and one "Shorkie". I saw them in the book written as such. I was going to wait until they got there to see if they actually called them that or if they just wrote it in the book like that.

    My theory? If you're going to call that Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix a Cockapoo then you damn well better be calling that Husky Shepherd mix a Huskherd and you better call that Pit Bull Lab mix a Pitador.

    Besides the fact that it just encourages BYB/Puppymills, it makes it seem like they have more value than just the regular old mutts in the kennels next to them.

    *Luckily all of those dogs cancelled---so we'll see if we run into it again

    DJL- Most shelters are privately run. We are not a rescue and we rely completely on private donations.

  • Shelters should do everything they can to prevent designer dog breeding, and that includes avoiding those stupid names. If I were you I would definitely talk to them about it, or at least send an anonymous note.

    For me, the biggest problem with shelters using designer names is that it conveys a sense of legitimacy to those names. Right now, designer names are only used by crappy breeders and the idiots who buy their puppies. A shelter has a certain degree of authority, so using designer names shows the public that these are the correct names, and puts these mutts on par with purebreds.

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